Heartbroken and Rejected and My Latest Credit Cards

I have been rejected for many things, but this one stings the most. Many sleepless nights have gone by because of this one. I am heartbroken. (Just kidding)

My streak of batting 1.000 is now over – I have 13 active credit cards, some not very rewarding and sit around collecting dust, and cannot compare to some folks who do plenty of App-O-Rama’s, but I was declined for too many inquiries and new credit from Barclay’s Bank for a Upromise MasterCard.

A few weeks ago I had applied and was approved for:

  • Lufthansa Miles And More 50,000 miles offer
  • Bank of America Alaska Airlines 50,000 miles offer
  • Bank of America Alaska Airlines business 25,000 miles offer
  • Chase British Airways 100,000 miles offer

My goal was to do what I had done with Chase, close out one account and change the product where I closed my regular Chase Sapphire and converted it into a Chase Freedom MasterCard. I was hoping to close my Barclay’s US Airways card and convert into the Upromise. Every agent I spoke with all said I had to apply for the card, be approved, and then could move the credit limit over.

When I applied for the Upromise card, my application was under review. I called the reconsideration line from Million Miles Secret post and spoke with an agent who basically explained to me I had too much new credit and inquiries. He said I was doing a great job using my card and on time payments, but that was not what I wanted to hear. As a last-ditch effort, I said something along the lines of “One of the agents I previously talked to said I could apply for the card and then transfer the credit line over and I would be approved.” That didn’t work either. For the record, that line I used in the conversation no agent actually said that to me. The only truth the customer service agents said were to apply for the card.

In the coming weeks, I will describe why the Upromise card is really be worth it, mostly in theory as I don’t have first hand experience of it. The Upromise will definitely be on the top of my sign up list. If the card really was crucial, why didn’t I apply for it first? The 50,000 mile offer bonus for the Miles and More card was too attractive to pass.

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  • Interested to see what you like about the UPromise card. I think I have an idea but not sure it’s any better than what’s out there. Looking forward to it!

    • Thanks it’s coming soon! Gathering my thoughts together

  • We’re on the same page. I just applied for the UPromise card and it was my first ever rejection… similar story on reconsideration line as well.

    • I wouldn’t have minded if it was a different card, but this one has me really disappointed


  • HUCA generally does not seem to work with Barclaycard.

    They really are hung up on too many queries. I’ve been turned down 3 times for Arrival and only by Barclaycard even with long periods inbetween. That I have so many other cards and all are under 2 yrs old is an issue for them.

    • Wow that’s a long time in between. I hope I get approved for the Upromise.


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