Case For US Bank Cash+ Card

I am so glad that I was able to apply for the US Bank Cash+ card online in November 2012 because today, it is an in branch offer only.

Therefore, this post is for those that have access to a US Bank branch to apply for the Cash+ card. Unfortunately, this card has devalued a bit since being introduced.

Originally, the 5% was unlimited per quarter as was the redeeming $100 cash back and receive $25 back. In addition to that generosity, if you had a checking account with US Bank you would earn a bonus.

Today, the choices for the rotating categories are capped at $2000 per quarter, better than the Chase Freedom or Discover, and you would receive only one $25 gift card for $100 redemption per year.

As a recap, here are the rotating categories:

  • 2% Categories
    • Gas Stations
    • Grocery Stores
    • Drug Stores
  • 5% Categories
    • Sporting Good Stores
    • Cell Phone
    • Bookstores
    • Department Stores
    • Restaurants
    • Electronic Stores
    • Hotels
    • Fast Food
    • Furniture Stores
    • Car Rental
    • Charity
    • Movie Theaters

You could potentially earn $100 back every quarter if you participate in manufactured spending with Kiva loans and choosing the Charity category.

If you are like me and manufacture spend at Barnes and Noble with the American Express Campus Edition, you could earn 5% from the bookstores category.

By the end of the year, you could receive $425 in cash back, more than Chase or Discover and you would need to play by their categories.

The above might not be the most compelling argument to sign up for the card, but those are why I would sign up for it. This card is part of my huge plan to manufacture $25,000 in one year. It will contribute $8,000 towards the $25,000.


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  • “This card is part of my huge plan to manufacture $25,000 in one year”

    You should shoot for $250K and not $25K. You can do that just with two AP accounts.

    • That’s true! 10x more would be more of a challenge and fun.

      I’ll have to think about this some more and expand upon it

  • Please write a post on your master plan. I need to raise 1500 for a trip I am planning. I don’t understand how $425 gets you $8K.

    • Not including the costs to MS – the 5% quarterly categories US Bank allows you to spend up to $2,000 per quarter. That’s $400 cash back, and then if you redeem $100 one time during the year, you will receive a $25 gift card back

  • @aegt, can you explain how? And sorry for the newb q, but was are AP accts?

    • AP = Amazon Payments

  • I have my eye on this card simply for the cash back on donations (charity). It is a way to either get cash back for yourself on the donations you make, or to give a little more to the intended non-profit, courtesy of US Bank, by making donations for 5% more than you originally planned to give. It is on my list for my next churn.

    • Great plan!

  • Can you reload the card at any barnes and noble or just at a campus barnes and noble?


    • Campus Barnes and Nobles only

  • I got an offer in the mail for this card and applied. There was a $100 bonus after x spend or something too.

    • Nice! I wish I got a sign up bonus when I got the card.

      When you redeem, that $100 could become $125 (if you redeem at $100)

  • How about 5% at best buy (electronic store) buying GC? Seems safer, though more costly? than Kiva loan.

    • You definitely could, Best Buy counts as an electronic store

  • $200 Visa GC at Best Buy cost $5.95. With 5% bonus category, one will make $10 – $5.95 = $4.05
    10 cards of $200 to meet $2000 quarterly limit will profit (10 * 4.05) $40.50.
    Next time choose pharmacy category for 5% bonus where you can buy $500 GC for $4.95 and thus increase your profit.

    • That’s a great way of looking and it and running the numbers, it’s a shame the US Bank Cash+ tops out 2% for the drug stores so the return would be a little less


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