More Musings From My Holiday

On a daily basis, I carry at least five wallets as you can see from the picture above. The brown wallet being my “drop” wallet where if I ever find myself in a situation where I am demanded my belonging, I will “drop” the brown wallet and flee the scene and call for assistance. While I was away on holiday, I carried 3 less wallets and reconfigured my credit cards. In doing so, I took out my all of my Visa Buxx cards, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase British Airways, US Bank Flexperks, and Old American Express Blue. Typically, I take out things I know I will not need when I travel.

I added my Fidelity American Express, kept my Chase Freedom and American Express SPG card. As soon as I landed into the Seattle-Tacoma International airport, there were tons of US Bank ATM’s. It would have been perfect for my US Bank Visa Buxx card that I took out of my wallet. The possibility to take out a free $200 ATM withdrawal. Yes, it would have been a tiny bit of cash in the grand scheme of things, but cash nonetheless. There were a few Walgreens and Safeways that I could have shopped for some cards, but did not as I did not have the best rewarding cards with me. This missed opportunity causes me to think that I need to plan a little better while travelling for manufactured spending, at least domestically. What do you do when you travel? Is manufacturing spend always “on”? Or do you turn it “off” while experiencing some time away?


For those wondering what drop wallet is – basically it’s a throwaway wallet that looks real enough where you toss at a perp to distract them and it gives you the opportunity to flee. To make things easy for a police report, in my drop wallet, I have $100 in it, 5x$20, a cancelled US Airways credit card, Discover It, and my Starbucks gold card. The weeks when I manufacture spend at the bill pay locations one of my Visa Buxx will be in that wallet.

And for those still wondering why I have so many wallets: bill fold wallet contains my ID, some cash, and the “important” credit cards I hold dear to my heart. The blue one is my key case, it’s not fun having a big boned person in public transportation sit on me with the keys digging into my leg. The black foldable card case is my public transportation and work ID wallet. Finally, the black card case with the SPG card is my everyday spend wallet which also contains my Chase Freedom and some cash.


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  • Holy moly that’s a lot of wallets! I hate carrying a lot of things in my pocket so I try to keep my wallet as skinny as I can. I I like the throw-away concept – might have to put one together as I am getting ready to leave for a trip around South America.

    • I have a lot of coworkers that are like that! When we go into meetings or we sit at the desk, they take it out of their pants pocket

  • I never really thought of a drop wallet… An interesting concept really.

    That is a ton of wallets though!

  • Ctp,

    How often do “big boned persons” sit on you in public transport? Is there a special seating section for this? How much extra does it cost for this softest of lap grinds?

    • It happens too often – where I rarely sit if I have a choice. No, no special seating [area]- whenever I sit, it’s usually a 3 seater and I take the end seat and it’s closest to the door. For whatever reason, everyone likes like the middle seat and they expand into my seat and wind up sitting on my leg

  • @CtP — could you elaborate on carrying? When it’s warm outside I typically only have 4 pockets, and 1-2 are taken by phones and other gadgets. Where do you put all these?

    (@De — Literally ROFL’ed here in the office. Thanks)

    • Sure – front right pocket contains: billfold wallet goes with the key wallet. Front left pocket has ID wallet + phone. Back left has the everyday spend wallet and back right has the drop wallet. The wallets used to be reversed, brown on the left, black on the right, and I realized that it didn’t make sense to put my drop wallet on my weak side in case I needed to throw it so I switched the pockets.


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