Actually Learned Something From A Credit Card Pimping Blogger

Three weeks later since returning and still going through a few things and wanted to debrief on this one point.

Before I took a break from blogging, I saw this post from Scott @ MileValue and I locked it into my memory for when I took my flights in economy. Even though MileValue quality has eroded in recent years becoming one giant advertorial, something like that post has some good value.

The trick came in handy when I needed more space or to navigate into the aisle easily. While there are tons of seat configurations, it worked on the flights that were on with the Boeing 737 (AS metal) and 707 (HA metal). Not sure where else it is applicable.

He did have one error in his picture which I modified and display below:



The lever is actually at the end of the arm rest where the blue arrow is, not the orange arrow.

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  • I’m glad you are pointing out milevalue has eroded, I would say in the past couple months its been a mudslide. I really can’t stand his titles, words like INCREDIBLE, HUGE, UNLOCK THESE SECRETS. Especially when he’s trying to pimp his affiliates

    • In all honesty, his blog was actually my go to resource in the beginning to learning the tips and tricks for the traveling aspects. That was before the credit card offers starting coming up using those keywords you mentioned. After that, I started to skim and now I’ve stopped reading altogether.


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