Gift Card Granny Adds An Awesome New Feature

Gift Card Granny added a new feature. Can you spot it?

Gift Card


If you saw the Flash Deals, you are correct!



I’m not sure when it went live, but I just saw it. It is good timing because it’s not often I go to Gift Card Granny because I have bulk rates and generally speaking they’re better than what’s listed.

The Flash Deals



Do you see the real deal? It’s not the TJ Maxx, not sure why that one is sticking out. Start by looking at the eBay listed gift cards. Now you should see Staples, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Bed Bath & Beyond. But it’s the Staples gift card that’s the deal. You can’t tell from the screenshot and you had to click through all the links.


Gift Card



Gift Card Granny is able to locate all the gift cards that are on sale and is listing it in the Flash Deals section. It’s something that I tried to do, but couldn’t make it work. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about it and plan to get a fix for it. This feature is awesome because you won’t need to rely on someone on FatWallet or SlickDeals to post about a deal. You should be able to find it listed quickly.

Happy gift card hunting!



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  • Am I missing something? Now, I don’t have any bulk seller rates, but there is about no way to even break even on that unless I am missing something? (Even with Ink, ebay bucks, etc)

    • For the example screen shot, the staples deal needs a tiny bit of work to make it a money maker. With bulk sales rate, it’s an OK deal. When there were deals like last week and the week before for Cabela’s, TGI Friday, Hyatt, et. al they were listed

      • Ahh, gotcha. Good to know though!

  • thanks for sharing!


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