I Will Be Attending ResellingDO And Also Presenting

It took me a little bit to figure out if I was attending the first ever ResellingDO because I was switching my job and I couldn’t figure out the best way to attend. I don’t remember how the conversation started, but in speaking with Miles Whip he talked about taking Amtrak down and doing a same day turn. It was a great idea to me because it never crossed my mind.

That being said, Trevor asked me if I was comfortable presenting. At first, I wasn’t sure if my knowledge of manufactured spend was applicable to speaking at ResellingDO, but he convinced me. I will skip through the beginner level, since many of the things have been posted but need cleaning up, and I’ll go right into the intermediate areas.

I’ll be coming out of hiding and presenting! Attendance was purposely designed to be a smaller group so for the folks in attendance, there’ll be a good opportunity for us to chat for a bit.

Trevor is telling me he is looking at expanding the number of attendees likely the end of this week, so be sure to keep an eye on the event on EventBrite

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  • I look forward to the presentation on how to lose $2k.

  • GC churning absolutely is (hardcore) reselling! Can’t wait, thanks!


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