Fidelity AMEX Becomes a 5% Card But Up to $500 Purchase

Saw this in my email today and thought it was interesting to see our trusty 2% Fidelity American Express has 5% back in certain categories for purchases up to $500.

  • Airfare
  • Hotels
  • Travel agencies
  • Car rentals
  • Cruises

Fidelity AMEX



It’s definitely nice to see the Fidelity AMEX boost the 2% earnings to a 5% card, even if there is a limit. I’m a huge fan of targeted offers, even if I’m not targeted, gives me hope that there’ll be a good offer for me to partake. This quarter that FIA has sent out is not that good, in my opinion. It has stiff competition from Discover. Why? The Discover card includes ground transportation, which also includes regular commuting expenses. While I’m also enrolled at work for the pre-tax funding account, sometimes I spend more than allocated and the Discover will be my go to card for this quarter.

Doctor of Credit also has this credit card covered as well on the 2% -> 5%


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  • They doled this out to FIA Visa holders too. I registered, but I doubt I will spend in those categories. That’s what points are for.

    • Thanks for the feedback, good to know it was also out to Visa holders too


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