I Think I Would Have Killed My Golden Goose Because Of A Clerical Error

If you’ve been following along with my recent posts, I’ve tried a different method of emptying out my prepaid cards. I am buying a bunch of money orders with a limit of under $300 as that is the max they will sell the money order and leaving $.23 left on the prepaid card.

Each money order costs $.99 and I have to buy two. So I need the charge to come out to be $497.79. I was able to get the money order total as $497.79, but the clerk charged me the wrong amount.



When I was rung up for $481.95, at the time it didn’t click to me that something since I had other errands to run. After I went home and started filling out the money orders did I notice the mistake. I’m not sure what the history of errors is at this store in regards to things like this, but any time a mistake like this arises and comes from money orders, corrective action would be taken. What would that be? It’s tough to say, in fact it’s something that we are facing as a community in the Forum right now. The question being “What is too much?”

That’s why I wanted to fix it because I think I would have killed my golden goose if too many problems come up. This store allows all prepaid cards, including the now pesky OneVanillas, to be used and is a 2 minute drive away and never any lines. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late in the evening and before a shift change so no till discrepancy would show yet. Even if nothing were to happen and I am over thinking this – now I have a friend at the customer service desk and this will be worth more than the $15.84 I would have “profited.”

On my side, as corrective action for the future, instead of all the 9’s and 7’s in one money and a flat $200 in one, I’m going to play a variation of buying one that will be $297 and the other as $200.79. This way, the values won’t swap.

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  • Hey Bro, I’ve been going to this store since last April. Make it easy on yerself and buy 299 and 199 money orders and eat the 2 cents.

    • The sad? Maybe funny thing – that was the first time doing it and it was all messed up. I like to be one and done (completely emptied cards), but if it gets like this with errors I will instantly switch to 299/199

  • Is that a picture of the actual store you go to? if so, wow, pretty different from my suburban (sometimes depressingly) MS destinations.

    • Oh no, that’s not the store that I go to – I found the picture on Flickr

  • Wise decision and good karma too! It is always nice to make friends.

  • I used to manage the customer service desk at my local store years ago. At the end of the shift, the teller would have run a report on the western union terminal and compared the overall total to the point of sale report.

    They would been short the difference and likely documented so kudos for going back.


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