Earn Hotel Status For Cheap?

Ever since reading Doctor Of Credit’s posts about Roomer with the review first then the interview, I can’t help but think about speculatively buying rooms and listing it on Roomer for the purpose of mattress running. Roomer will take care of all the hard part, changing the name of the reservations of a non refundable room and helping to find the new guest while maintaining the original person’s name on the reservation to continue to earn the rewards. 

If your experience is exactly like William Charles’ in the review, it sounds like the original person will receive the benefits. However, in the interview, the CEO is quoted as saying it depends on the hotel. We’ll definitely need to periodically do a pulse check for that offer.

For this post, let’s keep a few things constant:

  • Original booker keeps the rewards
  • You want Hyatt Diamond and are not using the Diamond Challenge
  • You do not have the Chase Hyatt credit card

To earn Diamond you must fulfill the requirements as stated:

After 25 eligible stays or 50 eligible nights in a calendar year, you will experience the highest level of membership and have access to our most elite benefits and awards.

Say you book 25 the cheapest weeknights in Las Vegas at $50 including resort fees and you receive $10 back for every night. That means, you would be earning Hyatt Diamond for $1000 for the year. It could be cheaper if you are like Points Summary who already covered the Hyatt + M Life partnership earlier and was targeted for additional discount for the stay. You could also potentially earn some more cash back when you book the stay through a portal like TopCashBack or using a 5% back card for a bonus reducing the $1000 cost of Hyatt Diamond. Obviously, if you do the challenge, the cost of Diamond will greatly reduce. If you also have the Chase Hyatt Credit card and spend $40,000 in a year you could earn 5 stays and 10 nights towards Diamond.

Obviously, this post has grossly simplified everything and many things are not real world applicable like:

  • Stays in M Life properties earning M Life points or Hyatt Gold Passport points
  • Ideal stay lengths to be resold
  • People actually buying your stay for you to earn the stay
  • Person who buys your stay earns the points and stay credit

Let’s continue to monitor this interesting opportunity and see what shakes out for Roomer. I love the idea.


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  • That’s a brilliant idea (if it works).

    • Yep! Since Roomer is still new, we’ll have to take a wait and see what happens

  • I live in Vegas and have done mattress runs the last few years at Excalibur to et Diamond status. Last year the resort fees were lower and I timed it with a 50K bonus. Total cost was just under 1k.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m really hoping Roomer will let us do the mattress running remotely

  • I live near Dulles airport. I easily get status by topping off my normal travel with weekend mattress runs at the local Hyatts, Marriotts and Hiltons. In summer and winter (our off seasons) I can get a room for $60/night. It’s quite easy to add two names to a room, and I do love staying in hotels so if anyone wants me to do a mattress run in their name, I am here for you!


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