Buy Kmart Gift Cards 10% Off In Store Only Until December 31

Earlier today, I tweeted about an in store at Kmart for 10% off on their gift cards, but I couldn’t provide any additional details at the time.

The offer is similar to the last time with CVS and UPromise, but this time it’s open to use with any credit card since it’s an in store offer.


Gift Cards


What you need to do is log into UPromise and navigate to the in store offers. Once there, look for KMart and click through for the 10% off coupon. I’m not sure if this code is unique to me or if it’s a one time use or not, but I’ve uploaded it onto my Google Drive that you can try and print out and use. As a side note, I clicked through from UPromise to Kmart a bunch of times and the UPC stayed the same.

Great way to save 10% on a KMart gift card to then use at Sears


kmart_10p_instore kmart_instore_only_10p_offer


The terms say:

Offer valid 12/1-12/31/15. One coupon per purchase. Void if copied, transferred, obtained via unapproved means or if prohibited. Any other use constitues fraud. Cash value 1/20¢. Valid at Kmart store locations only. Savings are before taxes and after other discounts. Cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s) and cannot double. Not to be used with any other coupon or associate discount or during Family & Friends or Member events.
Associate: If unable to scan, manually enter the coupon number.


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