Barclay’s UPromise Credit Card Is Finally Useful

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how using the Barclay’s UPromise credit card wasn’t clear on what and when I made extra UPromise portal pay out using their cobranded credit card.  I was perusing the UPromise portal and decided to look under the “In-Store Offers”.


Credit Card



Generally speaking, the stores listed are not very good, but this time, there is a good one, CVS. Unfortunately, it’s $5 max per purchase.


The terms and conditions are a little conflicting as you will see where I bolded:

Earn 5% cash back for college at CVS on all purchases (maximum cash back allowance $5 per purchase).

Offer valid in store locations in the 50 United States of America. To earn cash back for college, you must first activate the offer and then make a purchase at the activated partner locations prior to the expiration date. Offer is available only from the date of the offer activation through the expiration date. Offers are subject to change. Offer changes will require re-activation of the new offer, so look at the “Activate” button of the offer before shopping to see if the offer has been updated and reactivation is required. Cash back for college will be earned when using your Upromise Mastercard®.

Purchases only made with a registered MasterCard or Visa card are eligible for rewards.

Adding It All Up

The Upromise credit card is only a Mastercard, so for them to say a registered Visa is a little intriguing because would it work if you linked your Visa card to the Upromise dining program?

While it is 5% and limited to $5 per purchase, there’s no real cap like how Bank of America BankAmerideals that says savings up to $15. So you could technically buy gift cards and charge $100 each swipe at CVS. The real issue becomes Barclay’s if they’ll stop your transactions mid swipe thinking all the rapid purchases are fraudulent. Also wanted to note that this 5% offer is good for those without the Old Blue Cash American Express card.

The next question is, would we even see the 5%? The portal is so unreliable I am not sure how it would register the CVS purchase.

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  • I just checked and I have this offer too. Can you explain how you would split up the Visa gc 5 times? Wouldn’t that look very suspicious not to mention the store probably wouldn’t like that?

    • You would want to pay and split it 5 times, but yea it would be suspicious and annoying for the store associate


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