Building A Community And The Secret Sauce To Buying United Miles

With the Forum around, Matt has a platform set up to build a community of like minded individuals to collaborate and build upon what we collectively learn in the field. If there are usernames that I recognize in the “real world,” in the comments of blogs, on Twitter, any of the forums, or shooting me an email I will give people a tiny bit more forthcoming than what I have on the blogs. As with any of the more in depth topics, if you don’t do your homework, don’t expect anything from me to help you. I don’t know many of you and if you prove to me that you’re a go getter and putting the effort I will help you out.

With that out of the way, apparently, buying cheap United miles has a lot of interest because of the number of emails I’ve received regarding the method and how to execute. It’s stumped every one and some feel that my calculation is incorrect.

Normally, I don’t do this and I thought about this for a bit. Instead of people thinking I’m BS’ing, I think this will be a good compromise and won’t . There is one individual that I will be contacting and that will be Paul. He’s left enough comments around that I recognize the name and he tried to solve it, but is still stuck so I’ll be giving a helping hand to get over the hurdle.

Because I feel nice, I’ll also send an email to Scott since it’s apparent he researched into the issue at length.

Gents, check your email around 10 to 11 AM EDT on 5/8/2015 and I’ll let you know what the missing link is.

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  • The missing link is obviously becoming a Raise bulk seller. Do I win a prize?

  • I appreciate the secret sauce. If it’s becoming a Raise bulk seller, I’ll be kicking myself as I’ve been doing a fair amount of gift card reselling recently.

  • Who’d a thunk that receiving a better price on an item you sell would open up more opportunities….Another revolutionary concept by the author.

  • Way behind on my reading. I’ll join in on the other post. 🙂

  • Really, what about me?! Come on, I did the research and the math as well!


    • Ok, I’ll send it to you as well, but that’ll be it for now.

      • I think he was poking fun at my math. 😉

  • I am trying to catch up.


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