Bill Pay In Manhattan Is A PITA

Bill paying is not like that kind of pita, but more of the pain in the …

My gripes:

  • Terrible customer service, worse than Walmart employees
  • Place stinks, literally smells
  • Inconsistent fees
  • “System” is down
  • Long lines
  • Getting my picture taken every time I transact over $500

Without changing locations, there’s nothing I can do to fix the first two bullets

A reader and I have been talking at length about bill paying in Manhattan. I won’t disclose many of the details he found or the location that he frequents, but we have found a common theme. Visiting the locations are very much a YMMV situation. He was able to transact with multiple cards and charged with 1 debit card fee. I have experienced otherwise. After the transaction is ready to be paid, and you let the CSR know you plan on paying with a debit card, they re-enter more numbers. My belief is that that process is entirely manual.

To combat the long lines and it is a check cashing place after all, you should always avoid Friday’s and the first week of the month.

Be sure to check out the other posts regarding this if you don’t know what the vnedor is as there have been a few updates regarding it.

What I like about it:

  • Convenient
  • Works with Visa Buxx cards
  • Bill Pay
  • Money Orders

I had tossed aside all of my Visa Buxx cards because I do not go to Walmart too often and there is no native bill pay like Bluebird or Serve. Once the discovery of the check cashing place was made, you can now use the Visa Buxx as well as OneVanillas and purchase money orders and take care of your bills.

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  • Have you ever tried Kmart?

  • On the other hand, you have multiple airline choices to nearly every occupied country on the planet (maybe an exaggeration, but not much of one), competition that results in lots of very low fares, and straightforward award travel routings. None of which are possible in the podunk places where MS is easy because you’re one of very few doing it.

    • Yup, sadly. On the plus side, I just wrapped up an evening with MilesAbound and he taught me a free bill pay method. All of you would need to ask him on this trick! All the more reason to go to CLT DO and learn from some great people!

  • I’ve done bill pay from a Visa Buxx card here and it was a breeze. Fee was $3.95 total and payment posted in 2 days.

    How was the process to buy money orders? Can you use 2 separate OVs in 1 transaction? Ask for $999 MO so it’s 1k with the $1 fee?


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