My #milemadness Charlotte DO Update

Just wanted to update everyone that for the May 10 CLT DO, I, sadly will not be present. I had work obligations that were in flux and have been solidified. In addition, I was recently accepted to graduate school and my orientation is also May 10.

I emailed Matt the details to the Unethical, Profitable Gift Card Churning Machine – so if you would like to learn all the ins and outs, you’ll have to ask him to make it part of his speech!

I’m not entirely sure of the timeline of events, but if there’s a Q&A session I will try to coordinate some time on Twitter to answer any questions during the same time.

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  • Sorry you won’t be there!

  • Does this mean Matt I’d at liberty to share the details?

  • We’ll miss you but congrats on the grad school acceptance!

  • Sorry you can’t make it – and thanks for unleashing the onslaught 🙂


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