Visa Buxx Flavors

Currently, there are five flavors of Visa Buxx.

Visa Buxx
I personally have the US Bank and Nationwide Visa Buxx. Let’s start off with the cards I do not have and why:
  • Navy Federal
    • In order to fund, they will only accept Navy Federal issued debit or credit cards
  • Sandy Spring Bank
    • Appears to require to be a Sandy Spring Bank Customer
    • Site is not very clear
  • Pay Jr
    • Recurring monthly fees,
  • US Bank
  • Nationwide
I just received the Nationwide card and am still learning the in’s and outs. Upon signing up for both cards, there is one noticeable difference between the two. Nationwide allows you to create a card in your own name not requiring a second social security number. On sign up, US Bank requires a separate social security number for a “child.” This is important because if you are like me, single and without kids, then the Nationwide card is the way to go.
US Bank’s Visa Buxx is a great product. Load up to 517.50 per transaction at $2.50. This equates to .005 dollars per point generated. I have loaded my Bluebird with $1000 transaction at the pin pad as well as purchased money orders in Walmart.
Side note, both the US Bank and Nationwide card will charge inactivity fees after 6 months. I don’t expect to leave any of the cards inactive for that long and if I do, it would probably have a 0 balance.
As I test more with the Nationwide Visa Buxx card I will report back.
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  • I found another BUXX

    also: https://www.visaprepaidprocessing.com/

    Can you use your BUXX card to load BlueBird card as a debit card at Walmart?


  • sorry, you missed the BB part in your post.. what is the loading fee for Nationwide Visa Buxx?

  • Should i worry about cash advance for loading with CC? thanks

    • Yes, you could use your Visa Buxx cards to load the bluebird.

      Nationwide Visa Buxx fee is $2 per $500. It winds up being cheaper than US Bank in dollars per point at $.004.

      I would worry about a cash advance with credit cards that are known to be charged as cash advances as these cards as the biller is US Bank or Nationwide Bank.

  • Can you use Amex CC to load into Nationwide Visa Buxx?
    Can you use the US Bank Buxx to load into Serve as a debit card?
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Unfortunately, no, you can’t load an AMEX CC directly into any of the Visa Buxx. Only Visa or Mastercards.

      I’m not sure if you can do the US Bank Visa Buxx on the Serve, but I’d be inclined to say yes. I never got around to it before I was shut down with Serve.


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