US Bank Flexperks Difference And News

The other week, I had flown to TravelCon and redeemed my Flexperks for a Virgin America flight. I utilized the $25 reimbursement when redeeming for a flight, which was great, bought some Krave jerky and a nap pack. When I called in to get the $25 credit, I also asked if there were any spend bonuses to my account. In the past, I was targeted many times and would have though the one that Doctor of Credit posted I would have received something, but didn’t.

The agent told me, without missing a beat, that the American Express version I recently product changed into has a different bonus structure for the AMEX version. She mentioned that there are no bonuses currently. That was a huge bummer to hear.

Here’s something I didn’t know would happen when I product changed. An automatic credit for the pro rata portion of the annual fee.

US Bank


I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble, but you could basically get a free Flexperks card every year without the checking account that I had previously mentioned. All you need to do is product change every year and you could have a continual loop of having a free US Bank Flexperks Travel Rewards account. A timeline of one year is a long time and rules could change and that avenue has a high likelihood of shutting down. Also, when I made the initial product change, no questions were asked, they just did it.

Edit: If you’re on top of things and have huge success, it’s probably easier to be like Travel With Grant. He got enough points to cover the annual fee, then you don’t need to product change every year

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