Trick To Save 10% Shopping At Wholefoods Market

Last year I wrote a quick post to do a little comparison shopping at Wholefoods as well as the “line item” discount. We also know that you could purchase Wholepaycheck gift cards at Staples in $25 or $50 increments for 5x using the Chase Ink series of cards. Shout out to Miles for letting us know you can also buy Wholefoods gift cards at Office Max.

WFM_kindbar When I originally posted the Save Money At Wholefoods post, I only mentioned that there was a discount because I did not know what the qualifying purchase quantities were. After speaking with a very knowledgeable Wholefoods cashier, I have taken two different pictures and highlighted what the qualifying quantities are to make the line item discount. For the picture at the very top with the 8, I believe you have to buy 8 boxes @$4.19 to be eligible for 10% off. Meanwhile, the item sold at $1.49 are sold individually, and the qualifying quantity is 12. If you don’t believe me, the next time you purchase an item, remember the number and ask the cashier what the minimum quantity you must buy to be eligible for the line item discount.

Shout out to Purewater for finding the link to “case discounts” where I was referring to as line item discount: https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/service/case-discount

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  • In my area they call this the “case discount”. They have to enter the 10% discount before they scan the items, and they wouldn’t necessarily have the number memorized for each product, so I always say something along the lines of, “I have 4 of these gallons of apple juice, and that’s a case”. In a pleasant tone, of course. Then they say, “Thanks” and input the discount.

  • Woah. We do most of our grocery shopping at WF and I was unaware of this! I’m already that guy swiping multiple GCs every time, though 🙂 Thanks!

  • I found $50 WF gift cards at my local OM. Purchased ten with Ink Bold card, to get the 5x UR. Staples stores are rare around here.

  • This is a “case discount” and the rules are on the WF website:


  • The 10% case discount rocks. In addition, at least at my WFM, if something’s on sale & there’s not enough for a full case, they will special order extra cases for me.

    • Also, if they don’t have enough for a whole case, they will give you the discount on buying as much as they have.

  • If you want to save even more $, don’t shop at whole foods

  • @Jamie and Purewater, thanks for the correction on terminology and helpful advice, the times I go the cashier always called it line item discount so I used their words

    @awty you’re welcome!

    @Miles good to know, I will edit to add that as well as Purewater’s link to case discounts

    @josh or that!

  • “After a statewide investigation found widespread pricing violations at Whole Foods Markets in California, the company has settled with three Southern California cities and agreed to pay $800,000 in civil penalties.”

    Us Whole Food shoppers need to make sure they price fairly. Good to see there is increased competition from wholesale clubs and places like Target, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitacost, and Amazon.


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