Suspended Amazon Payments Account

In the saddest news that I have, both my account and my sister’s Amazon Payments account has been suspended:

Amazon Payments


All functionality to the account is lost.




I had used the contact us form and received this email:

Greetings from Amazon Payments.

To ensure that all parties have the best experience using Amazon Payments, we conduct reviews of Amazon Payments accounts.  This action is undertaken regularly on Amazon Payments accounts. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to approve your request for an Amazon Payments Account based on our review of your intended use of our payments service.

Your account is restricted and cannot be used to initiate any future transactions. While we appreciate your interest, (the blocking of your account is a permanent action OR Your account is restricted and cannot be used to initiate any transactions until our review is complete). Please feel free to write to us for any questions that you may have at payments-verification@amazon.com.

Thank you for your interest in Amazon Payments.


Account Specialist
Amazon Payments


Hopefully, our accounts are under review and we’ll wait for the outcome. The only thing that I could think of that would cause this is the excessive(?) use of liquidating American Express Campus Edition cards. I think in total we’ve only done six in total. If this is truly a shutdown, I just lost $12,000 of free manufactured spend a year.

Edit: Reader Brandon questioned a very valid area I neglected to post.

The players:

A, B, C, and D

A -> D

A -> C

C -> B

B -> A

B & C are my siblings with the same last name

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  • Can you please elaborate on what exactly you did with AP that might have triggered this suspension? Did you send money between 2 people (i.e. A-B, and then B-A)? Did you send money to your own family members, especially someone with the same last name as you?

  • I think i read it somewhere they will flag u if u keep changing the CC #s or GC #s frequently…

  • What a surprise. NOT! Amazed ANYONE bothers with PayPal. They are worse than Bancorp. With so many other methods of MS out there, you won’t miss it for a nanonsecond.

  • @paul

    Perhaps you misread the post.

    Matt, please keep us updated regarding your outcome.

  • Are you also an Amazon Prime member? Curious to see if they took this action even though you were Prime?

  • I doubt VIP status makes you invincible. When they shut down Amazon Payment, it’s not like they bar you from doing business with Amazon.

  • subscribe

  • It happened to me last year I am blocked permanently 🙁 there was no way around.
    I called no way around …when you are shut you are shut… if there is a way let everyone know

  • However I believe you can try to create a new AP account.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to wait a little bit until something happens before I try.

  • How is the outcome? Curious to know if ap shuts down your accounts forever or if they even not allow you to create a new account?

    • I have not tried opening up a new account yet – still trying to figure out if I can send payments to someone

  • any luck?


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