Review of Selling Gift Cards On CardCash

In my love hate relationship post about CardPool I mentioned CardCash. It’s been a couple of months with selling on CardCash in the five figures almost six, I feel like this is a good time where I can give a proper assessment and review of this exchange gift cards.


Overall Good Thoughts About CardCash

  • Some of the highest rates for gift cards
  • Flexible with pricing
  • Entering gift card sales are marginally easier than CardPool

CardCash has some of the highest rates and when they do not, they’ve worked with me to make it the highest rates. This has helped make previously poor or bad deals into a profitable one. This helped me go back to the drawing board and look at other gift card vendors and stores for deals. In order to sell gift cards with CardCash we, my account manager and I, agreed to upload everything like this:


I submit the order with brand of gift card, gift card value, and the quantity. It doesn’t matter if it’s an electronic gift card or physical gift card that is how I submit the orders. This helps make things a faster especially when submitting upwards of 20 cards per order because the back and forth of entering cards is tiresome.


Overall Negative Thoughts About CardCash

  • Website is very flaky
  • Website leaves much to be desired
  • CardCash has operational flaws and inefficiencies

Let’s start with the website. It doesn’t matter if I am a customer buying gift cards or selling gift cards. The website does not have a good user experience. The website has crashed many times on me in the months that I have been selling with them. There are unnecessary steps when selling a gift card that I have to do. In the screenshot above to enter the 3 quantity, I had to click on the up arrow 2 times. For an order where I have sold 50 cards, I had to click 49 times instead of entering a 5 and a 0. It’s simple User Experience design on the webpage that will add up to senseless wasted time.

After entering all the cards to be sold, you need to submit how you want to be paid. Every. Single. Time. Why is that even necessary?



I always choose ACH. Then this comes up. Every. Single. Time. It’s annoying:

gift cards


They want me to confirm the bank account for ACH. I thought it would be there one time because there’s the check box that says “Securely save my bank information for next time.” No, that is not the case. It’s all these little things on the website that is maddening.

Unlike Giftcard Zen, when I am ready to mail in the gift cards to CardCash, I have to request for shipping labels to be printed to me. Giftcard Zen has set up bulk selling quite easily. Upload spreadsheets and on demand shipping label prints.

In my dashboard to look at the cards I have sold it has been a complete nightmare. I pretty much enter a card and never check it again. There was one time I sold an order of 3 $500 cards and 1 $50 card. Apparently, I was paid out for 4 $500 cards, despite me entering 3 $500 and 1 $50 card. Then someone filed a complaint and CardCash emailed me saying it was a bad card. I don’t sell bad cards. I spent at least 20 minutes researching it and the whole email back and forth where we found out they inadvertently paid me as if the $50 card was $500. How does that happen?

And this leaves us with the CardCash operational inefficiencies. Months before I started to sell on CardCash a reader asked for advice on a gift card he wasn’t paid out and a few weeks later, thankfully, CardCash found it and was able to pay him for it. I thought they would have fixed the issues and be in a better place where their house is in order.

There have been multiple orders where I’ve submitted something like 35 cards and some how only 34 were registered and it caused me a huge amount of confusion where I thought I wasn’t paid for all 35. This has spent a countless number of hours reconciling to make sure that I submitted 55 cards and getting the rate that was originally submitted. I’m still battling with them where some how a handful of cards were never paid out. Had I never checked, they would have kept almost $500 worth of cards. How does this happen?

How I Really Feel

Adding up all these minor annoyances turn into more than just an irritant. It’s gotten to the point where I have doubts of a lasting relationship until they fix these things up. I don’t want to spend all this time reconciling or getting things into order. It’s supposed to be like the other exchanges where they make things seamless. Sure, CardPool annoys me with a website that isn’t as friendly as Raise or Giftcard Zen and Cardpool does not offer a dedicated rep, but they have decent rates and operationally have their mojo together.

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  • Cardcash’s operation also baffles me.
    I’m not a bulkseller with them, but wanted to try selling them some gift cards.
    I sold them bunch of Exxon GC and others that I bought from ebay deals, which I stated clearly. I also have long relationship with them selling occasional low denom cards and buying cards from them. So when they told me to ship the cards, I thought that was a done deal like cardpool, but no. For whatever reason, they decided to cancel the sales after two weeks. And their reasoning is “system flagged” and couldn’t give further detail.
    I don’t understand why they employ such baffling business practice. First, there’s risk in shipping GC, esp. major quantities. Both the customers and Cardcash have to take such risk if they decided to reject it. They are simply wasting time for both parties as well. If they wanted identity verification, they could’ve simply asked for it.
    Just the whole system doesn’t look that clear and easy for sellers. So I gave up on them.

    • That sounds frustrating

    • Short, sweet, to the point, FR-txeEacEly as information should be!

    • Lots of good notes in this post. I learned quite a few things here today.If the ownership situation can be resolved soon, I still think Phoenix is more deserving of the 2011 All-Star Game than anyone else. They lost it in 2006 due to the Olympics, and with the team surging on ice, this ASG could sell more tickets next season. They could use a boost like this.After them, Carolina and Ottawa should be next in line, especially before Pittsburgh.

    • Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thankful for your help.

  • I’ve having a great time with SaveYa

  • These guys suck – same company as CARDCASH. RIPPED ME OFF FOR $152! That’s how they make their money – selling gift cards with zero value and then refusing refund after giving frustrating run-around. I hate them. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • do not sell on card cash. they will steal your gift cards.
    Card Cash took an order for gift cards from their salesman Joseph Blaustein. I sent the order of the gift cards as requested by Joseph. 3 weeks later I was informed they would not pay me for my gift cards. On their website it clearly states payment owed yet they refuse to pay me. They have my cards and now want to send them back. How am I to know what they used in my cards? They will tell you of course we didn’t steal the balances but how do I know that? They have also marked my account paid for cards when it wasn’t. Gift Cards are as valuable as currency. They are not to be exposed by businesses with no other agenda then robbery. I have no gift cards, as tainted as they would be at this point, or any money.

  • Blaustein suckz

  • First of all I gave them over $300 worth of gift cards and all of a sudden they’re not processing them and the supervisor happens to be gone and there’s no other supervisor there


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