My Recomendations To Read Around The Internet For This Week

I missed last week with a few posts of what I think are valuable articles to read.

So, there’ll be a few more in today’s review:

On Wall Street Journal, bloggers earning affiliate income. It’s pretty much how many bloggers make money besides display ads.

The American Travel Project has a post on going to Idaho. I never knew there were so many activities out there. She also has a post called “Girlfriend Getaways”. I’m pretty sure the guys can’t call it the “Boyfriend Getaways”

Miles To Memories has coverage on American Express blacklists and getting off of it.

Doctor of Credit dived into Citi’s relationship banking bonus + Citi Prestige Card and Chuck covered the axing of Cardcash and Walmart. I did not even realize the lengthy time to be paid out. In Chuck’s post, there’s a screenshot of Cardcash expanding of partners to exchange for loyalty programs that were previously with Plastic Jungle. I’m still hoping they’ll bring back the Flexperks exchange.

Grant has been promoted to Boarding Area from Prior2Boarding. Congrats, Grant!

He also put this on Twitter and is a must read. There was an article that I can’t seem to find on Wired talking about Adria Richards and how being an influencer on social media also carries a heavy club and you have to use it carefully.

I also read this post about being a customer of gift cards from the exchanges on FlyerTalk. Makes me not want to buy any Starbucks gift cards and tie it to my gold card.

I can’t wait to see what the new United site will be like. I do have plans for doubling down into the Star Alliance, but not using United miles. I hope to have a write up soon.

There’s also tons of coverage in the last two weeks about Delta between removing the charts, but this one takes the cake: having different prices depending on the day of departure. I wrote about accumulating Delta SkyMiles recently, but I am not so sure anymore. My plan to generate ThankYou Points are still on schedule.

Recently, I signed up to Rapid Travel Chai’s newsletter, and there are awesome reads. Sometimes, during the 40 to 60 minute commute, I run out of time to read everything.

Don’t forget to read all the posts about Evolve – here’s one with a poll on Travel With Grant on your thoughts of Evolve.

Also not to miss is the 20% off points rebate if you are a Chase Hyatt cardholder. Here’s why Miles to Memories applied.

I feel bad for Joe being buried in snow, glad he’ll be able to get away from it. Don’t miss episode 2 of the podcast!

I haven’t had the privilege of flying Qatar, but Trevor loves it! One day I’ll route my trip on Qatar Airways flight so I can experience it as well.

I recently wrote about downgrading my Chase Sapphire Preferred into the Freedom, but my friend Milenomics has two great write ups better than I could ever say about it: Upgrade Your Chase Sapphire Preferred and Earn 7,500 UR (or more!) and Secure and Keep Your Chase UR Without Paying an Annual Fee (don’t worry that credit card you see in the screenshot is not real)

Lastly, and not in the least, Family Travel For Real Life #FT4RL agenda has been set.

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  • Thanks for linking to some of my posts. Great collection of articles. I liked the Idaho post and will need to find a work around to read the WSJ article.

  • Thanks for linking to my posts:) And thanks to Grant for liking my Idaho post. I feel ignorant for being so surprised by my Idaho research. I can’t wait for our summer trip so I can brag that I have been to the ‘hot spots’ in Idaho (literally).

  • @Hua, thanks for the neat trick

    @Grant & @Kirsten, you’re welcome!


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