PayPal Is Not Joking Around!

I posted about PayPal Select last week about $10 off Target for spending $50. Their terms were pretty clear, not eligible on gift cards.




Turns out, this is probably one of the few terms that are actually enforced. I’ve given them over a week and I have not been credited the $10. I thought about opening an inquiry to fight for the $10, until I saw the invoice:





It has it itemized that  I purchased the Puppy Gift Card. While this Target offer was not successful, there may be other offers where it could work. Similar to how we attempt to double dip. Sometimes you earn no points for buying gift cards, but earn points when redeeming. I am hoping that PayPal Select may be like this.

There’s still a huge advantage to using PayPal for these type of offers where you could potentially triple dip. Pay with PayPal Select + AMEX Sync Offer + Portal bonus. In my limited testing, I can confirm earning portal points after paying with Paypal. Note: I have never done a Paypal + AMEX Sync offer.




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  • Very interesting! Thanks for testing it out! I’m curious about Paypal and Amex offers as I’ve been reading the terms and Amex offers are not offered if paid with Paypal. Is Paypal Select online only, though?

  • Very interested to know whether AMEX Sync works or not. While the vendor may be properly coded so far as the MCC is concerend, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the corresponding charge on my credit card come through as anything other than “PayPal.”

  • Amex Sync isn’t going to work via Paypal since the charge processes through Paypal’s Amex merchant account . Amex controls their network so they can identify the sync merchants via their merchant ids, not a more generic mcc or the description that Paypal sends, thus Amex will see Paypal not Target when they go looking for transactions on your card that qualify for the Sync promos.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like it answers all of our questions

  • You don’t mess with Paypal! 😉


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