Ending My CardCash Relationship

I wanted to expand into another exchange to see if I could sell for higher rates. In the June of 2015, I reached out to CardCash to sell gift cards asking them about their bulk program. It took a lot of follow up from me before an account manager reached out to me. Each week Read More

Happy Endings With Concierge Services

No, this post isn't about those kind of happy endings so get your head back into the game. A few months ago @PFDigest tweeted a link about hotel requests that were very funny. Ridiculous / hilarious hotel requests... fulfilled! I encourage you all to check these out. http://t.co/X8HKIMFTNP — PF Digest (@PFDigest) October 10, 2015 I've Read More

What’s The Best Credit Card Concierge In A Bind?

Originally, I wasn't going to write a blog post about this as I did not think it was that exciting, but since @FarEastExplorer asked for details, I am sharing you the story. In the last 6 months, I've met some amazing people from my day job. There's no better satisfaction than being able to connect with them to Read More

Building Your “A” Team

Networking and building friendships is the name of the game. With the help of a some friends in the last year or so my network has expanded exponentially. I bring up this point because Vinh who writes Miles Per Day is correct in building the "dream team." If you haven't noticed, many of the manufactured spend tactics have Read More

When You Are Doing Online Arbitrage Keep This In The Back Of Your Mind

As you know when I touched upon it a few weeks ago, OmniChannel fulfillment is all the rage for all retailers. There are still retailers who still using the "old" model where a distribution center is fulfilling all the orders. Then there are retailers like Wal-Mart with a hybrid where they are expanding their e-commerce and using Read More

Are You An FBA Reseller? Then You Need To Read This

There are plenty of tools and apps out there that will assist you in your efforts to reselling efforts. For me, my go to app is the Amazon Seller App. I will let Trevor walk you through the app in his part 1 and part 2. What I will explain in this post is to Read More

What You Could Have Done Gaming Discover Apple Pay

Now that we are far enough away from the Apple Pay promotion with Discover, one of the things that I challenged Discover was to ask for my receipts. If you made any purchases at certain stores, Discover would have asked you to submit supporting documentation if a purchase appeared to have contained a gift card Read More

The New Old 5x Method For Buying Gift Cards

About a year ago, I had heard about a new app for text messaging where I thought "Great.. Another app that will likely be bloatware." The text messaging app had all these "features" like telling people "leave me alone I'm driving" or "text your friends from a computer" a la Google Hangouts and Apple iMessage Read More

2 Reasons To Change Statement Date

During the summer, I wrote about how you should change your statement dates to earn your rewards quicker. This is something you need to do if you have more than one version of the same card or the same rewards. Changing your statement dates, especially when you earn the same type of reward program, is Read More