Outing Another Secret Sauce Because The Deal Is Dying


This past May, a few bloggers and myself participated in challenge towards spending $20,000 on the AMEX Platinum card with the best efficiency and effectiveness. There was some heat about my numbers when I completed the challenge for spending money to manufacture spend the $20,000. I posted that for $25, I could spend $10,000 and I helped many readers on Read More

Mileage Redemption Calculator Spreadsheet


Eric, who writes on Travel Codex, recently published his award calculator on which mileage program would be best to redeem to various fixed locations. He reached out to me and sent me the spreadsheet for me to review and all in all, I think it's a pretty good value for $10 if you use the Read More

Random Bank Of America Links Floating Around Like Alaska Refer A Friend

I was poking around the internet and found a bunch of random link to several Bank of America products and figured if someone could use it they are: Virgin Atlantic 90,000 Miles Refer a friend program for the Alaska Airlines Visa card. Fidelity American Express Private Client "Regular" Fidelity American Express 2% cash back card Read More

Gift Card And Serve Winners


In my last post announcing a giveaway, there would be 2 winners. One was for a Serve loaded with $20 and a mystery gift card. I took all the comments and loaded it by name into a Google Spreadsheet that you can review. The lie was: I have experienced a Singapore Airlines Suite flight   Here are Read More

Spinning Denied Credit Card Applications To Approvals


I wrote the other day, that I have 37 active credit cards and I think I am at the max that my salary can support for all the credit that has been extended to me. With 37 cards, there have been many hard inquiries into my credit. In the 3 years that I have been active in Read More

Taking Different Paths To Reach The Same Goal

Baren landscape at sunset with a road that forks to the right and left with a blank sign post at the fork

I was driving the other day and when I'm on my "A" game, this is where I have some of my best thinking done. However, I'd rather not be driving an hour each way because I would rather learn something new. On one of the many commutes, this scenario keeps playing over and over and over Read More

Capital One Venture Vs Citi Double Cash Vs Fidelity Visa


I recently came across this thread on FlyerTalk and thought it was apropos because I was working on the math on some of the 2% cash back cards. As of writing this, I have 37 active credit cards issued in my name only and I do not think I have any more bandwidth to add Read More

Extract Extra Value When You Manage Through Exceptions


Prior to working in New Jersey I was at a company in New York that has a $10 billion market cap. It was an interesting journey because I started that corporation as an intern and held several different roles. My experiences in a $10B company mostly revolved around “fighting fires” ensuring the systems were up Read More