Manufactured Spending And Abuse Killed AMEX Offers

In the recent weeks it has been reported that American Express is now hard limiting offers to one per person. As a group the Manufactured Spending group, caused AMEX to close the loop hole. Money was bleeding out for all the cards. Unlike Citigroup, who were fined for poor IT protocol, AMEX took this opportunity Read More

3PL Review: ShipBob

A 3PL is third party logistics, at a high level they cover all things in the logistics portion of the supply chain like warehousing and transportation. I’ve previously written about scaling your Amazon business using a storage unit. Today’s post will be a review of ShipBob, a somewhat new “technology” oriented start up trying to Read More

New Ritz Carlton Redemption – A Luxury Cruise

I recently came across a new luxury content site for the ultra rich called Penta, that’s part of Barron’s,. They’ve covered some interesting things in the past like a piece about Ritz Carlton yacht cruises.  Reservations open this month and cruises are expected to start in 2020. This gives us, the travel hacking community, a Read More

Recent Credit Card Shut Downs Might Not Be From Manufactured Spending

Credit Card Shutdowns As documented by Miles Per Day, Vinh has posted several credit card shutdowns from various readers as data points. The shut downs were all across the board, from too many credit cards to huge ramp up in spend to getting shut down and then getting their cards back among other stories. However Read More

Back Door Method To Profiting From A Bank IPO

This post is one of those lesser known finance and quirky deals that my friend Personal Finance Digest is great at uncovering. I recently listened to this Planet Money episode starting at 9:25 mark: The fine print sends a Midwestern family on a two-thousand-mile road trip to open dozens of bank accounts. The Financial Quirk That family Read More

Amazon Protects Their Whole Foods Market Brands from Retail Arbitrage

In June 2017, Amazon announced their desire to purchase Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion. When the Federal Trade Commission approved the deal, days later Amazon announced they would lower prices on many products. Amazon Stops Retail Arbitrage of Whole Foods Market brands It’s interesting to read that days after the acquisition that Amazon restricted all Read More

Scale Your Reselling Business With Space

Trevor posted about the guest speakers for the next ResellingDO and motivated me to post about my efforts of scaling up before the DO. I haven’t spoken to any of the guest speakers or what they did to get to where they are now on scale. From the sounds of it, what I’ve done is Read More

Monetizing Your Supply Chain: Sell Your Waste

Over the last 12 months, the growth in reselling has exceeded my expectations. In fact, I no longer manufacture spend. With all the purchases for reselling, I have been generating massive amounts of waste mostly wood and wood byproducts like cardboard and paper. Over time, I have received and collected a countless number of pallets Read More