Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Your Business


A friend asked me the other day to write up a post about incorporating a business with circles and arrows. I eagerly signed up to do that because I was not thinking about writing a post. As I was writing the thoughts down, it would do justice to write about why I did what I Read More

What I Have Learned About Reselling & Adding A New Tool


In the last couple of months, I have been some inroads into reselling. My goal is to keep the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to a small number as possible and replenish with inventory as quickly as and as much as I can. When, this happens, there are frequent stock outs as you can see Read More

If You Get A Chance Buy These Target Gift Cards


Last week, I participated in a 10% off Target gift cards deal. I am finally having a chance to prepare all the cards to sell. They have some of the easiest and toughest gift cards to process. It inspired me to write about adding a Scotty Peeler and a UPC Scanner to sell the cards quicker. The Read More

Speculatively Pick Up Hyatt Gift Card Before Open Savings End


Earlier this year, I had outed the method I did $10,000 spend for $25 because the deal was dying. Shortly after the original post and responding to many messages on how to execute the same deal, the rate I was selling was 85.25% dropped to 76.25% shortly after and has stayed that way since the summer. If we look Read More

Say No Whenever You Can And You’ll Be Surprised


Saying "no" is very powerful. Not a fan of a dish? Telling someone no, I don't like it, and it stops coming. Not sure about a topic? No, I don't know anything about it, and the questions stop. Are you feeling comfortable at any given moment? No? Let's see how we can make sure you Read More

Despite What Everyone Thinks: Plenti Pays Off


During the summer, I wrote that you shouldn't discount Plenti just yet. Prior to Plenti, I rarely set foot into a Rite Aid. Now I go regularly for a gift card Plenti deal.     As an example in this week's circular there is this deal:   Sure from the screenshot above, the gift cards are not Read More

What Is A Perfect Order? And 99.9% Quality? Something Amazon And CardCash Can’t Seem To Deliver


In Supply Chain, a perfect order needs to fulfill the following: Delivered complete Delivered on time Delivered at the right location Delivered in perfect condition Delivered with complete and accurate documentation When all 5 are done correctly, it will increase customer satisfaction. Regardless of what we resell, gift cards or products that we send to Read More

Buy Kmart Gift Cards 10% Off In Store Only Until December 31


Earlier today, I tweeted about an in store at Kmart for 10% off on their gift cards, but I couldn't provide any additional details at the time. For all my #reselling friends, be on the look out pic.twitter.com/LDfGRxjGKn — Chasing The Points (@ChasingThePts) December 14, 2015 The offer is similar to the last time with Read More