Quick Thoughts On TravelCon


I wanted to write a quick write up on my thoughts to TravelCon. I missed all the events that Matt organized, #CharlotteDO because of my school's orientation and #PhoenixDO because of an already planned vacation. There is a lively discussion for the next one, and I plan to do my best to attend the next one. One of the things that these Read More

Manufactured Spending in New York City Or Any Big City


There are new entrants every day entering the manufactured spending scene. Sadly, many of them don't know where to start. It frustrates many people established in this hobby when the newbies call their credit card company or the vendors asking questions if certain purchases earn points, are cash advances, certain store policies, and many many Read More

New Online Gift Card Vendors With Cash Back Opportunities


I hadn't seen this posted anywhere and thought this was some nice news. The rates aren't a blow me away type of cash back, but it's nice to see. I saw on Cashback Monitor that CardCash has a portal paying out 1.5% through Sunshine Rewards. Does anyone have experience with them? You'll only receive 1.5% Read More

Money Making Opportunity To Sell Gift Cards On Raise


I waited, and waited, for Raise to respond to my inquiry on bulk selling gift cards, but they never responded to me so I will run this post without it. It wasn't a very specific query, just if they could outline what the benefits were of the Raise bulk selling program. In their defense, I Read More

Upcoming Lack Of Posts


Just wanted write a post and announce that the upcoming weeks that there will be a drastic slow down in posts compared to all of January and most of February where I had a post every day. The lack of posts is trying to catch up with school work that I have been putting aside Read More

Doubling Down Into Star Alliance


Let me start off by saying the credit cards that I have are heavily weighed into the Star Alliance. I have several Chase cards earning Ultimate Rewards, one Citi card earning Thank You points, and one American Express Blue for Business earning Membership Rewards. Both the Thank You points and Membership Rewards don't do much Read More

My Recomendations To Read Around The Internet For This Week


I missed last week with a few posts of what I think are valuable articles to read. So, there'll be a few more in today's review: On Wall Street Journal, bloggers earning affiliate income. It's pretty much how many bloggers make money besides display ads. The American Travel Project has a post on going to Read More

What I Would Never Do In This Hobby (Returning Products)


In the world of manufactured spending, there are avenues that I explore that are really grey. Some people find it uncomfortable, others would find it totally within their realm. I wanted to write another reminder on the ethics. Ethics is dependent on each person and is tough to write a set of standards for everyone Read More