The Only Product You Can Move From One Store To Another


I have seen this a lot: People are asking questions along the lines of moving unactivated product to another store either within the chain or outside. First, don't do it. It might be "worthless," but in the eyes of the law you are stealing product. Without going further into the details surrounding why it's wrong Read More

Winner of Mets Tickets


Last week I posted about giving away Mets tickets, our winner is Hunter. Congratulations! I'll be reaching out to you shortly.   Read More

I Have A Love Hate Relationship With Cardpool


When I first started to resell gift cards in late 2012, I began with Cardpool. Then went to Plastic Jungle then back to Cardpool after the Plastic Jungle closure. I just want to say that I want to love Cardpool, but they do so much that makes me dislike them so much. Great rates Top Read More

Intelligence Vs Memory

@MissDSchnei and I were having a random chat the other day about the TV show Suits where one of the main characters, Mike Ross, has a photographic memory and becomes a successful attorney at a very prestigious fictional law firm. As an aside, If you have Amazon Prime, you can stream the first four seasons for free. Mike Read More

Evolve And Be A Better You


In the last few weeks within the blog and outside, a common theme came up it's about you and the need to be learning new skills. I recommended it the other day.  A new friend of mine asked me what my 5 hobbies were and all but one overlapped. They were: Hiking Traveling Reading Cooking Learning Read More

Gyft Giving You Problems? Here’s How To Fix it


Today's post is in alphabetical order @chucksth, @esthery, @made_by_hugo, and @mileswhip all asked me simultaneously about Gyft's verification process.  I've written about Gyft a few times and how lucrative they were to the gift card reselling machine like the triple dip. Since then, Gyft tightened up and things weren't so rosy like no payouts with Gyft points if Read More

Mets Tickets Giveaway For Monday September 21


I donated blood the other week and the New York Blood Center gave away 2 Mets tickets as a thank you. Due to a scheduling conflict, I can't make it to this game. Therefore, I'm giving it away. The game details are: September 21, 2015 - the Mets will be at home playing against the Read More

That Thousand Dollar Gig


Now that I've wrapped up my semester, I have the opportunity to discuss Matt's lovely post "Going from a Ten Dollar Gig to a Thousand Dollar Gig. If we look at the AMEX checkout offer, that started his post, it was just checking out with American Express' service and you will receive $10. Some folks Read More

How To Remove Security Stickers From Gift Cards With Circles And Arrows


Friend to all bloggers and for whom everyone works for, @esthery, asked the other day, what's the best way to remove the security sticker on gift cards which reminded me that I owe @mileswhip this guide with circles and arrows. https://twitter.com/esthery/status/624976758429736960 Just as a reminder, she was also the one who introduced us to the Read More