Set Up Your Amazon Allowance – The Sooner The Better


Free-Quent Flyer made a great post about Amazon Allowance with excellent uses and I wanted to take it a step further. He is suggesting using Amazon Allowance to hit the minimum transactions per month in order to hit certain bonus thresholds or to waive maintenance fees. This is an excellent idea to automate those small charges Read More

Useful BankAmeriDeal At Office Depot


I was targeted for a Bank of America BankAmeriDeal for Office Depot last month and I have been thinking "how can I maximize this deal"? The $15 max that you could get back was a limiting factor. What I didn't know until a reader told me, Office Depot sells Forever stamps.   I've written a Read More

My Personal Struggles


Today's topic will be quite different, a little more ominous and a little more about me which I usually don't do. I have self control like a 5 year old and highly compulsive, "qualities" that I should not have at this age. When I like something and it doesn't matter what, it could be: a Read More

My Thoughts Of Stockpiling Gift Cards


Trevor recently asked "Do you stockpile store gift cards?" and Matt has a good counterpoint on stocking gift cards. After writing my post in March where I discussed the floating cash, in April I have been stock piling gift cards because of the various gift card deals that have recently popped up like all the flash floods Read More

The $10,000 Spend For $25 Is Nearly Over


There have been so many messages that have come across my lap regarding the spend $10,000 at a cost of $25 from this original post. Many more requests have come because of yesterday's post on what I did with eBay and Target. For all those that got into it early, congratulations! You were able to get Read More

I Spoke Too Soon About Gift Card Granny’s Flash Deals


Not too long ago, I wrote about Gift Card Granny's new Flash Deals and I've been keeping an eye on it. It turns out it's really not as good. Points For Later has it covered that it's not that useful and I have to agree with him. Here's a recent screen shot, only one from eBay and Read More

I Liked Manufactured Spending In New York City


I've completed fours week of the new job in New Jersey and I realize how much I miss New York. Everything was literally within walking distance. I had an awesome routine. I was on a first name basis with a few of the folks in my routine like the cashiers at CVS, the clerk at the Post Read More