Bring This To Bank Of America For The $2000 Offer


When I first wrote about the Bank of America offer for the small business checking account, I provided screenshots to the offer. I had to censor some of the areas where it's specific to a banker. What I didn't know, was how powerful the Preview application is on the Mac. I'm not a native Mac Read More

My Presentation From #ResellingDO With Notes


I opened up my draft presentation to review for some folks attending the #resellingDO for questions on the day of the event. There seems to be more people in attendance than the count of people in the Saverocity Forum ResellingDO section, so this is a public service announcement for the folks that read the blog Read More

Completed The $20kChallenge And Here Are The Results


As promised, my next update on the $20kChallenge is my last one. Completing the challenge was not very sexy because I can put all of the vendors on two hands for $20,000 in spend. I did 3 stores from AMEX Sync, 2 stores on eBay (GiftCardMall and SVMgiftcards), and 2 stores for the secret sauce. The Read More

PayPal Digital Gifts Order Failure Solved


Earlier this year, PayPal Digital Gifts emerged as a reseller to gift cards on eBay and it has been nice to have another vendor to purchase gift cards on eBay. The vendors being: GiftCardMall, SVMGiftCards, Cardency, and PayPal Digital Gifts. The first three really focus on physical gift cards, while PayPal's store is mostly digital Read More

Cautionary Tale: Do Not Forced It With Discover


A few weeks ago I tweeted this picture where I tried to crowdsourced if anyone was having this issue as well:   That morning, I had an issue where I could not click-through the portal to order from every vendor listed on Discover. I follow through using my standard measures to have an order track and it Read More

Call Center Operations Want To Be Efficient And Make You Happy


Recently, I listened to this NPR podcast from Planet Money about Xerox instituting a test for any applicants for their call center created by Evolv. Basically, the test revolves around the answers the applicant submits to a computer generated profile of what the ideal candidate profile should be. If the applicant does not fit the profile Read More