More Ideas Using Kimono Labs

If you liked my post quickly finding a deal on eBay, here are some ideas that I plan to use for Kimono Labs: Download my sales rates on Cardpool and Giftcard Zen - this will have to come in the future when Kimono "goes live" Download portal rates to specific vendors from Cashback Monitor - Read More

Quickest Way To Find A Gift Card On Sale On eBay


I can't take any credit for finding this tool that I gave a quick glimpse. All credit goes to Andrew Wise founder of Life, Tailored. He and I met up for some coffee last year to discuss points and miles and he mentioned it to me. When I tried it, it was a little buggy and Read More

The Latest In The Chasing The Points Lab


Since Twitter is really putting a cramp on things where I can't send a link, here's the gist of what I'm currently working on to make my life easier in finding a gift card deal on eBay. So if there's ever a gift card deal + increased eBay Bucks, you can check the document and Read More

Check Your Bank Of America Card For An BankAmeriDeal


Last time I wrote about checking your Bank of America card, it was for 10% off at Lowe's up to an $800 purchase. Today, there's a Sears offer: Sadly, it's only 10% off up to $200 purchase. As of writing this, Alaska Airlines and Southwest is at 5x for a Sears purchase.     Fortunately, the Read More

Forecasting Is Always Imperfect


I learned in high school that in a true false question scenario where the question has "always" it usually is false. As an example, "True or False: Chasing The Points is always right." That would be false. I am not always right. That being said, forecasting is the exception. It will always be imperfect. Forecasting demand Read More

Made Another Mistake, This One Is Costlier


A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I made a mistake and applied for the wrong credit card. Seems like I'm on a roll with stupid mistakes. On Friday, I mentioned I added Raise as part of my giftcard churning tool. I priced many of my gift cards at 1% off and the inventory wasn't Read More

Added Raise To The Gift Card Churning Toolbox


A couple weeks ago, I tweeted that I joined Raise's bulk selling program. Guess who's a bulk seller @RaiseMarket? This guy!! Super excited — Chasing The Points (@ChasingThePts) March 2, 2015   I am here to write my thoughts about Raise.   Raise is an interesting business model, it's like an eBay marketplace, but exclusively for Read More