Design A SWOT And Find Your Core Competencies

Excellence Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

In the last few months, you may have noticed I have been writing more about myself because I have been on a road of self discovery. Let's take a look my own SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.   I have been buying and selling gift cards for years and I know the markets Read More

Barclay’s UPromise Credit Card Is Finally Useful


A few weeks ago, I wrote about how using the Barclay's UPromise credit card wasn't clear on what and when I made extra UPromise portal pay out using their cobranded credit card.  I was perusing the UPromise portal and decided to look under the "In-Store Offers".       Generally speaking, the stores listed are not very good Read More

Social Engineering And What It Can Do For You

When I was pursuing my master's in Information Security, I took a class called "Web and Internet Security" and thought it was the best class in the program. One of the topics to securing your network was training your team to thwart social engineering hacks. There was this fantastic TV show that aired at the same time Read More

Earn 10000 Membership Rewards Points To Enroll Pay Over Time


There's a new promotion that American Express is targeting business card holders. If you enroll in the Pay Over Time program you will receive 10,000 Membership Rewards points. This is very little effort just to enroll.         The terms and conditions say it's a targeted offer, but it includes a bonus ID Read More

I Hate Making Some New Discoveries

I love making new discoveries that play into earning a ton of points. It's like hearing that it's a snow day from school and now from work. They just never get old! Then there are the discoveries that I find accidentally and do not want to find. These are the ones that are exploitable because of Read More

Running An Experiment For Most Of This Year And It’s Baffling


The other week, I read a post from Freequent Flyer where he wrote "the long con"  and it reminded me of one of my favorite TV Shows, White Collar. One of the lines in the show had discussed "the long con" where the two main characters had a flashback early in their careers together discussing Read More

Does Running A Retail Credit Card Promo Signify Something?

Stock market analysts like to look at everything and want to connect dots and figure some thing out. There are companies that take satellite imagery of parking lots and try to figure out spending patterns. Then I read this article on MarketWatch about Gap's analyst rating was being downgraded. Basically, the premise is there has been Read More

All Serve Loads Appear To Be Working At Walmart Now


In early August, with the help from @MissDSchnei I wrote about Serve and how some versions were unloadable at Walmart, namely the Silver and Blue versions. Sometime from then and last week, loads to the Silver Serve were working at Walmart. I spotted the change on Thursday: Previously, Walmart and 7 Eleven were greyed out Read More