How To Find Your Next Best Selling Product On Amazon With A Real World Example

When I first started selling on Amazon, I placed a huge emphasis on replenishable products. That strategy has proven well as there are no clearance items in inventory as that requires too much time and energy. My first thought in the beginning was to purchase products that are consumable to be a replenishable. Don’t fall into that trap. Selling on Amazon has a reach to customers that few can match.

The mindset to you need to take is that a replenishable SKU is Amazon’s best seller’s rank. Below will be a quick and dirty guide with a real example that you can use every year of how you can find a SKU that you can restock and know that it will sell successfully.

Finding The Product

It’s very simple 2 step process that you will see below.

Look at the number of reviews and buy box. There’s over 100 reviews so we know the product sells which establishes the rank and will not wildly fluctuate:

So we see the rank is 2,709 which is very good. The closer it is to 1 the better the rank is. With 120 reviews, we know that rank is pretty stable. What makes this product not as great is the number of sellers at 39. In addition, the going price for the buy boxes as of writing is terrible at $9.06.


Wrapping Up

The return on investment is estimated to be 9.5%. For my own standards it is far too low and I would not invest in the girl scout cookie thin mints. There are many people that do not mind a 10% ROI, but that’s not my cup of tea. The prices are expected to bounce back up with a rank like that, but given the sheer number of sellers and checking the inventories of all the stores in front, it would take a while before the price would recover. 

Take this template and find your self a good ranked, moving product and before you know it, you’ll have yourself a replenishable SKU. 




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