Monday Matches!

Every Monday I will match some questions that are queried from the search engines that refer to Chasing The Points.

  • Buy MoneyPak in KMart with credit card – answered in Moneypak And Kmart – in short, no it is not possible
  • Best Way to Load a Bluebird AMEX card – I still think the best way is to do US Bank Visa Buxx out of all of the Visa Buxx cards. Load fees at $5 which would be buying 1,040 Ultimate Reward points. In addition, it would require only one card to load at Walmart instead of multiples from Visa/Mastercard gift cards with PIN
  • Visa Buxx and MoneyPak – I would not use a Visa Buxx to buy a MoneyPak or Vanilla Reload as loading a Buxx card there is no rebate or cash back and using both incurs higher cost per point
  • Difference between American Express Prepaid Card and Campus Edition – the biggest difference between the two is the load methonds. The Campus Edition can be swipe loaded at any Barnes and Nobles Campus Book stores and MoneyPak. The Prepaid card can be loaded with MoneyPak and Vanilla Reloads
  • Do you get double points when charging your EZ-Pass to Chase Ink Card? – No you do not. However, if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred you would earn double.
  • Load GoBank With Gift Card – I have been unable to load my account issued MetaBank (Visa) or Bancorp Bank (Visa)
  • Citi Thank You Points worth on Amazon – it would be 125 Thank You Points for $1 off on Amazon. I am not 100% sure on the Thank You Points redemption for statement credit, but if it is equal at $.008/point then I would redeem for statement credit. Why? Earn some more Thank You points and then pay off your statement. However, given other options, I would redeem a check through a Citi Forward card towards a loan of some sort as the points would then be worth $.01/point

Finally, here is the last question:

  • Paypal Manufacture Spend eBay
    • I would buy eBay gift cards go through TopCashBack from Gift Card Mall
    • You can currently earn 2% cash back from TopCashBack
    • Buy discounted gift cards and earn 2% back from eBay Bucks
      • Total cash back: 4%
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  • Note that if you want to convert TYPs to AMZN, you can redeem for a Best Buy GC at one cent per TYP, then use the BBY GC to buy Kindle GCs, which are effectively AMZN GCs.

    Hopefully I didn’t use too many abbreviations there? 🙂

    • Just the right amount of abbreviations! Great tip for those who want to apply the Thank You points to Amazon

  • Unrelated, but: did you see plasticjungle is exiting the buinsess?

    • I did! I’m really sad to see this news/development. The field of gift card churning just became a little more difficult


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