Make Money And Free Points With American Express Sync Offers

Like the last time I had posted about Wholefoods and an American Express offer there are a few offers that are worthwhile to sign up to gift card churn:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart.com

Here are the steps to sign up. After logging into your account on the bottom there is something like:
American Express

After linking your cards:




Not valid in-store or on gift card reloads & prepaid cards. Walmart.com purchases paid by Pay With Cash option are excluded from this offer. If you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent until after 8/29/13, it may not count towards determining whether your purchase qualifies for the offer. Enrollment for the offer is limited. Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels. Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 8 weeks after American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying purchase from the merchant until all of the items from your qualifying purchase have been provided or shipped by the merchant. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the statement credit. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you will not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party or if the merchant uses a mobile or wireless card reader to process it. POID: AQ0N:0001
I actually messed up the Best Buy offer and wound up buying $225 worth of Best Buy gift cards. I will now go in store and buy Amazon Kindle Gift Cards to receive the $25 back.

Why the 3 vendors are worth signing up

  • Barnes and Noble you can sell the gift card for 79% of the value. With the American Express offer, you would receive 20% off if you buy just 1 $25 gift card. You would lose 1% for 25 points. In my case, it would be 1% for 25 SPG points.
  • Best Buy gift cards can be sold for 90% of the value, and buying $250 and receiving $25 back is 10% so this would be a wash. You would not make or lose money for a free 250 SPG points.
  • Walmart.com you can do what I did, buy a $200 Vanilla gift card. The fee is $6.88 and you get $15 back, depending on how you play with it, you could make money. For me, I only bought one card, so I will be receiving 207 SPG points and making $8.12 out of this offer.


For the offers you will receive an email like this:




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  • Couple of questions:
    1. How fast AMEX credits account in practice? I see you have received the credit already.
    2. If go through some shopping portal (Ebates or the like), would it invalidate the AMEX credit? Unclear for me from the deal’s terms and conditions. Especially with case of visa gift card.

    • For the two times that I’ve been successful, almost a day after the charges were posted to the card. If you go through a portal it will not invalidate the offer as they are just checking the vendor made with the purchases.

      • Thanks for that!
        FInal (hopefully) question.
        Do you think the offer will work if buy just a Walmart gift card (not general Visa card)?

        • No worries, and yep, I think the offer will work if you buy just a Walmart gift card


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