I Missed A Lucrative Deal And I Am OK With It

Last week, there was a money making gift card churning opportunity on eBay that Miles To Memories covered.



It was a money making gift card churn because as soon as you buy it, you are receiving 15% off the face value. In addition, if you were targeted, you could earn have earned up to 8% back depending on the offer from eBay Bucks. For me, it would have been an extra 6%





Tack on TopCashBack for a 1.5% at eBay and the potential maximum cash back for this gift card churn would be:

  • $25.50 from eBay
  • $6.38 from TopCashBack

All of this at an original cost of $425. Sell it at 86% and you’d be set to receive $430 back, then after all the cash back you’d receive $461.88, a $36.88 profit. This is excluding whatever credit card points you’d be earning. Best to use the Ink as it’ll count as an Office Supply category.


Note for those keeping track, Shawn’s profit is different than my profit because he had a 4x eBay bucks offer, and I have a 0% difference in commission listed on GiftCard Granny to sell electronic gift cards and physical gift cards.


How Did I Miss The Deal?

I missed the deal not because I wasn’t in front of the computer, but trying to resolve an eBay and PayPal issue. The issue is still not fixed. A lot of finger pointing between the two entities and now they’re blaming the store.

Why I’m OK

I didn’t have the fear of missing out (FOMO) syndrome. Deals come and go, and while this offer was an easy money maker, I’m OK with it because I’m sure there’ll be more offers like this. I’ve got gift card churning down to a science and just like normally I do not not chase credit card sign up bonuses, I will not go all nuts or bent out of shape if I miss a deal.


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  • I got burned on Ebay gift cards and will not buy from them again. I bought $2k worth of Ruth Chris and Home Depot gift cards. I verified the value upon receipt and left positive feedback. I originally thought that I would personally use the cards but did not. I went to resell the cards and just to make sure, I called to verify the balance and was told that the balances were ZERO, and that the cards had been purchased using fraudulent credit cards. Since it was over 60 days, Ebay would not help me whatsoever even when I explained exactly what had happened. Never again!! Never again will I buy gift cards from Ebay.

    • Wow that’s a tough one, sorry to hear the tough luck. I learned my lesson to not buy any gift cards on eBay if it’s not a reputable business name like GiftCard Mall, Cardency, or Paypal. There’s too much fraud that could happen

  • Cardpool rejected the sale because they were paper gift cards and not plastic. You didn’t miss much. This has been a huge hassle. Staples wouldn’t let me buy plastic gift cards with my paper. I ended up selling them at $81 each to just end the shenanigans. Lost $20 on the deal.

  • I missed out on the deal too with same problem with Ebay and Paypal. Not able to process my payment with any kind of method. They both blame Merchant issues. But since that was E-CG and Giftcards.com/Saveya won’t buy E-GC, all other sources were giving no more than 81%. It was still a profit of some what $20, but I am not much whining about it too thanks to you. I am into this and already crossed $10000 in 45 days of GC Churn. The only whining I have left somewhat in my mind is to get stuck up with $100 Playstation Network cards.. Otherwise all great.. Thanks to you and Chuck Sithe.


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