Here’s How You Fix Cardpool’s Down For Maintenance Postage Problem

I had waited over a week after creating my orders with Cardpool and kept getting an error message where it said the postage was “down for maintenance” I had checked every day and the same error message came across. The week of July 5, I created four orders and kept getting a similar error message:




I was checking it every day and thought it was just me until @ethery tweeted if it was down as well.


On the week of July 12, I was receiving more cards and entered them into the system and the postage system was still down. I believe there is a velocity issue with Cardpool and the system that’s used to generate the postage. I think the service provider that interfaces with Cardpool can not handle all the transactions that are occurring simultaneously, therefore it locks down with a maintenance message.

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Today, as I have done every day the last two weeks, was to check Cardpool for the postage and it came up, unfortunately only eight out of twelve orders. Only 4 did not create postage and I thought, what the heck? It’s impossible to be down for maintenance and still issue postage. So I kept refreshing the page, some orders once and others more than that and all of my postage were issued:




Notice all the dates, they are all for July 19, 2015. The next time it happens, I will refresh as many times as possible until it comes through.


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  • Can you guide we, from where do you print the free shipping label.. i have been selling with cardpool but never knew this, i have been paying for the postage.


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