Exchanging Gift Cards For Walmart Gift Cards

The team up of CardCash and Walmart has gone live. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out so you know your options.

The user interface/experience with the Walmart site is much better than the United Exchange. The complaint that I originally had about was the autofill JavaScript and that has been fixed for has subsequently been fixed on United. With the Walmart side, they one up the United Exchange because you can see all of the gift cards available to exchange if you leave it blank, but it’s not user friendly as you will see below.





Come on, really? An unsorted list? It’s not that difficult to use an ascending sort function to display. Instead it’s a hodge podge of a gift card listing.


The rates to exchange for gift cards are pretty good for a Walmart gift card. When it was reported you will receive up to 97% of the gift card value, it is, through rounding. Trade a Target gift card and receive 96.6% of the gift card value.

Gift Cards

See that CardCash? I lined up my display with a screenshot in the same order so you just glance and know the comparison. It’s the simple design things that make things user friendly.

I take back what I said in yesterday’s post, which was:

For this method, I don’t recommend buying cheap gift cards to exchange to Walmart gift cards as there’ll be another haircut when you try to resell the Walmart gift card.


Now that the site is live, I think it is worthwhile if there’s a resale opportunity with Walmart products. You buy extremely discounted cards and trade for Walmart gift cards and resell whatever product. Say you are able to buy Target gift cards at 10% off, which is my typical rate that I buy to resell on the gift card exchange sites. Instead of selling the gift card, trade up for a Walmart one and earn a quick 6.6% and resell whatever product you had in mind.

If you’ve seen my older post on gift card churning, it was on Salami slicing like the movie Office Space where the workers collected a fraction of a penny. Well, if you play your cards right, there’s that opportunity if you are so inclined to utilize it. It’s available because CardCash is not buying your gift cards at a whole percent, which enables the resale to the third significant digit. I want to let you know that in the long run, it will balance out to 0 unless you’re purposely grabbing the rounding error.



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  • As a reseller – I’ve stayed away from Walmart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on a first name basis with the girls at the Money Center, but, I’ve never really seen anything that made sense and was purchasable in scale.

    • Thanks – sounds like leaving Walmart out of the picture is better. On that point, you reminded me – Walmart doesn’t have good portal payouts to help with the costs either

      • Yeah, unfortunately. Now, if you think you’ll actually buy stuff for Walmart, this is a good deal. Or if you can somehow use a Walmart gift card to buy the visa gift cards that they have in store at the moment. I haven’t tried that… But, I’m sure if the computers weren’t hard coded against it, it would not be impossible.


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