Chase Ultimate Rewards Makes Me Nervous

I don’t want to cause any panic, and I want to label this as still developing. You may have noticed that the Ultimate Rewards Mall has been rebranded as “Shop With Chase.” I can’t tell if the underlying system is still Cartera.

After the switchover to the new program, I called Chase to credit missing points from Hotels.com. In the past when I did this, the first line customer service representative would always credit the account instantly. My most recent experience, I had to call in for two different cards and the customer service reps had to put in an escalation ticket for review with a 5 to 7 business day review. I submitted my claim Thanksgiving weekend, and  still haven’t heard back from them in regards to the missing points.

The last purchase I made through the Chase portal was in September, and that was in transition between Ultimate Rewards Mall and Shop With Chase. We’ll see what will happen next.

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  • Nothing besides the name has changed and while Chase has been inconsistent with awarding points when calling in (I had two instances where one purchase was instantly awarded over the phone and another had to be “researched”), this title reads like click-bate.

    • I’m sorry you feel that it this reads like click-bate as that is not my intention

  • I have always asked via Secure Message and been credited right away. Generally other portals have had better deals lately, so I haven’t used the UR portal for awhile.

    • Agreed! I feel like the UR portal hasn’t been as lucrative as other portals so I haven’t used them in a while. Last time I used it, was about Septemberish time frame

  • I’ve discovered that hotels.com very often mark up the quoted rates by a few % if you book through the portal, thereby negating the points earned. Scumbag move, if you ask me….so I’m not blindly loyal to them. I would only use them if they had the best all-in rate.

    • Had I known Hotel Quote was part of the Visa Signature collection, I probably would have booked through there.

      This is actually the second time that Hotels.com hasn’t paid out. The first time was through TopCashBack. I thought it was going to be easier through Chase to get awarded the points.


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