Anyone Notice The Awesome Gift Card New Addition On CashBackMonitor?

When I can, I visit CashBack Monitor and check my various portal pay outs to see if there are any good gift card purchases. On one of the visits, I noticed something that has changed gift card.


gift cards


Notice how CashBack Monitor has broken down the portal to Freedom, Sapphire, and Ink. You will also notice that the Freedom is paying out 6x vs 3x to the other portals. In the past, we were able to spot it easily when HikerT posted his website.

This is fantastic news because there is potential to earn more Chase Ultimate Reward points if you choose the right portal. The only downside is if it does not track and you did not use the card associated with that portal, Chase would deny the points.



Did you also notice the new feature? They also added the United Mileage Plus to distinguish the bonus miles you could potentially earn if you are a Chase United Airlines cardholder.

Bottom Line:

It’s great to see Cashback Monitor updating and adding new features to the website. It definitely helps us make better more informed decisions when we use any of the online portals.

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  • You must work for topcashback somehow. Even more interesting (about which you make utterly no comment), when did Chase Ultimate Rewards start having multiple levels of payouts? Yes, nice that topcashback is on top of things. But the really “awesome” change is the apparent change in the CUR portal program….

    • I fail to see where you draw the conclusion where writing about CashBackMonitor leads to working at TopCashBack. In any regards, Chase Ultimate Rewards has for years, my last count at least 3 years, paid differently between product types. If you go spend time in the history to HikerT’s site you will easily spot that.


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