American Express Sync Offer Updates

I’ve written about American Express Sync Offers quite a few times in the last year and half like here, here, here, here, and here  and a few other times like Best Buy. This year, I haven’t tracked it as often, as there is quite a bit of coverage and I did not want to waste your time for you to reread the same thing.

What I do want to point out are the few opportunities currently available that look like will generate some cheap points or gift card churn profitably:

  • Walmart
  • Sony
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Toys R Us
  • Zappos
  • The Body Shop


For Walmart, Sony, Toys R Us, and Bloomingdale’s they worked as expected and I’ve already sold the gift cards.

Zappos and The Body Shop have their own issues which I outline below.

The Body Shop

This one is easy, you can’t do the Sync Offers with The Body Shop as it’s charged separately than their normal business




American Express



See how it says The Body Shop EGiftCard? So your AMEX Sync offer of $10 won’t be valid. Neither is receiving any portal cash or points back.


Zappos worked flawlessly, I was able to receive the Sync credit.



The problem with buying their digital gift certificate, they register the recipient email address as the only user to the digital gift certificate. It likely won’t be an issue if you buy the physical gift card.


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  • I particpated in the Zappos deal and have sold them to GCZ. I checked a few minutes ago and several of mine have sold. Are you positive they are only linked to the original email or account?



    • Hi Bret,

      I called Zappos and they confirmed it. My contact at GCZ wrote this to me when I let him know why the GC sale failed:

      Thanks for letting me know about that. Our records indicate the very same thing actually, that the card was already tied to a Zappos account via email making it impossible for any of our customers to use it, this should be noted on your “Deductions” tab as well for this card. Sorry that we can’t accept that one, but I do appreciate your shooting me this info.

      • This won’t be a problem when you buy Zappos physical gift cards, right?

        • KK, good point. I’m not sure – I’d imagine it would not be a problem with physical cards. I only bought the digital gift card. I will edit my post to specify.

  • Which site is available to sell the Sony Cards?

    • You could sell on Gift Card Zen (which I did), CardCash/ABC Gift Cards, Cardpool, or Monster Gift card

      GCZ is probably the best because they’ll accept an eGiftcard without penalizing you for a digital gift card.

      • I did not realize they would take an eGiftcard! I assumed when they wanted you to mail it in that it required plastic card.

        • Nope, just the code and you’ll be good to go

          • I couldn’t find an option for selling eGiftcard and then stumbled upon this FAQ

            What types of gift cards do you accept?
            Last Updated: Nov 17, 2014 03:40PM MST
            We accept any gift card that you can physically send to us, including merchandise and store credits. We do not accept electronic cards or cards with expiration dates, service fees or other restrictions.

            Is this a recent update?

          • Good question – I’m not sure what they mean by “electronic cards.” The other half is pretty self explanatory. I’ll fire it off to my guy at Gift Card Zen for further clarification

          • Just got word from my contact, GCZ does not accept electronic gift cards from non bulk sellers. All bulk sellers can send them electronic codes

  • Just a point of clarification. I did purchase physical gift cards and after they arrived I loaded them into the bulk sellers portal (meaning I didnt mail them in I just put in the number with no pin). The ones I loaded on Dec 5th have been sold for at least a week and a half. I have not received anything from GCZ that they were rejected.

    • I should have done that! If it’s sold then you’re good to go


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