My crazy 2018 loyalty goal

I’ve learned over the years that goals are integral for me. They help me to push myself to always improve. I set some to challenge my abilities, and some are just fun. My crazy 2018 loyalty goal is one that covers the latter two categories. It will take ingenuity, but its a fun one to have.

My Crazy 2018 Loyalty Goal

I’ve long talked about Lifetime Status with any loyalty program. In fact I posed the Lifetime Hotel Status Conundrum last year when my friend Ed attained lifetime Hyatt Globalist status. Well, with all the changes happening to Marriott and SPG, I feel like I should push for lifetime status now before even more changes. Here’s where I stand at present:

Current Marriott Lifetime Status positions.

Here is what you need with respect to points and elite qualifying nights to achieve various status levels. 

Marriott Lifetime Status thresholds.

You’ll see that based on my current status, I’m 99 nights 662,410 Marriott Points away from attaining Lifetime Platinum Elite.

My strategy toward Lifetime Marriott Platinum Elite

I’m still forming my overall strategy, but the biggest challenge is those 662,410 Marriott Points. Elite Qualifying Nights (EQN) are easy compared. So some options I’m looking at are:

What am I missing?

I realize this is a crazy idea. Its irrational. I get that. But, I suspect it’ll be fun in the process of attempting to get their!

I’m sure that I’m missing some opportunities to generate Marriott Points. So, what am I missing?

6 thoughts on “My crazy 2018 loyalty goal

  1. I just transferred 84k pts from my wife’s Marriott acct to mine and they tallied into my lifetime status tracker. You should be able to push 50k (typical annual limit) over from your wife’s acct if that helps.

  2. Look at it this way – you are only 262,410 away from LT Gold – which is what counts for Lounge access. Little difference when you reach Platinum. The LT Plat will eventually come – so just shot for LT Gold and wait.

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