Earn 10,000 United Miles per night with PointsHound

In what is perhaps a blast from the past, I received an e-mail earlier today with an offer from PointsHound – Earn up to 10,000 United Miles per night.

PointsHound back working with United?

The last I could find of United and PointsHound working together was back in 2013, when they announced that they were no longer working with United. Quite honestly, I lost track of them after that. I had always been concerned about whether or not I’d get elite qualifying nights, and so I never jumped at the bonus offers.

The current offer is pretty enticing, but I’m still not sure that I’ll bite, check it out below:

PointsHound and United

If you’re interested, here is a link.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, but doing a quick search for this weekend in Washington, DC turned out no results even close to the 10,000 miles per night.

PointsHound and United

In fact, looking at the various miles earned compared to room rates, I can’t make heads or tails of the multiplier, period. 

Looking at San Francisco in August, similar prognosis.

PointsHound and United

Final Thoughts on PointsHound

When I look a little further on their site – it looks like they haven’t had meaningful news in two years.


All that leads me to think that this there’s a fair amount of risk here. Either PointsHound is reinvigorating and making a comeback, or something else is up. 

What do you think>

2 thoughts on “Earn 10,000 United Miles per night with PointsHound

  1. AA just came out with a booking.com similar program. Maybe it’s just a competition thing, although your caution is valid. Any idea if any of these programs will allow me to book a room for an employee, while retaining the miles?

    • @Christian, yeah I’m not sure if this is a reboot of PointsHound or what… Richard Kerr also tweeted them last night and we have yet to see a response.

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