Will you supercharge your Reselling business with #NapaDO?

I’ve been putting on ResellingDO reselling events for years. On average, we do 2 events per year. #NapaDO is the latest of those events, but I find some of the feedback I’ve received privately rather interesting. Since the first ResellingDO I’ve been uber conscious on cost. The event series started out as an idea to get resellers together and, as Hawaiians say: “Talk Story”. It has grown to so much more. It has supercharged so many folks’ reselling businesses that I’ve lost count. 

Supercharge your reselling business with #NapaDO!

Full disclosure: Our March events are generally for more advanced resellers. We focus on more entry level to intermediate topics in the second event of the year. That said, We will have speakers that are veritable experts in their fields. 

  • Matt (aka @Saverocity) talks about why he is excited about NapaDO, His presentation will provide you insight into how you can leverage the new tax laws to increase your tax deductions. He says its likely worth an additional 5-6 figure deduction in 2018! As if that wasn’t enough:
  • Joey (aka @joeyredmond) will get you smart on Tactical Arbitrage. If you’re not familiar with Tactical Arbitrage, it is one of the gold standards for Online Arbitrage. This is a great opportunity to see how you can further leverage one of my favorite reselling cards, the AT&T Access More.
  • Geoff (aka @Alpen_Geoff) will show you how to do Seller Fulfilled Prime shipping. He’ll show you how you can use Seller Fulfilled Prime shipping to increase profit, and not go crazy doing it! This will be even more important as Amazon raises FBA fees on 22 February.

Why Napa?

A few folks have reached out to me privately and asked why Napa? Answer: From the start, I have been focused on providing attendees unique experiences. The first ResellingDO was held at a brewery and included a tour of that brewery. Each successive event has been held in a unique location. The fact is, Napa is pricier than previous locations for ResellingDO’s. But, it offers us a very unique opportunity. We’ll be enjoying presentations in a winery with excellent wine–I should know, I had the opportunity to taste those same wines just two weeks ago. You’ll get a tour of the Merryvale winery and you’ll get to taste their wonderful wines, too. 


The Details:

  • When: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
  • What: A full day of networking, presentations on more advanced reselling topics.
  • Where: Merryvale Winery, Gott’s Napa and the Westin Napa
  • Tickets: Buy your ResellingDO Tickets here

Its hard to put a value on networking

Perhaps the biggest focus on ResellingDO events is networking. Generally that networking includes alcohol–but it is of course optional. We ensure that there is at least a few opportunities for networking. This event will be no different. However I really wanted to include something unique. In the evening networking, I’d like to include an unconference style lighting talk series, for any attendees that have something they’d like to share. We might even have a bottle of wine for folks that feel emboldened to share their expertise with the group. 

Will you supercharge your reselling business with #NapaDO?


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