Review: Menzies Business Lounge Stockholm Terminal 5

With my time in Stockholm coming to an end, it was time to fly home. I arrived at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport a few hours before boarding, so I thought I’d swing by the nearest Priority Pass lounge which happened to be the Menizes Business Lounge in Terminal 5.

Menzies is a massive UK-based airline-everything conglomerate, handling all your airline needs from cargo transport to customer service. So expectations weren’t high walking into this lounge. I figured it’d be a fairly cookie-cutter establishment, offering just the basics.

And hey – I was right!

Menzies operates two lounges in Stockholm-Arlanda, both a part of the Priority Pass network. The first, the Executive Lounge, has limited operating hours all the way near the F-gates in Terminal 5.

The Business Lounge is a bit more centrally located in Terminal 5, closest to Gates 1-10. My flight was taking off from Gate 22, so I chose to visit the Business Lounge since I really didn’t feel like walking more than I had to on my aching feet.

ARN Map from Swedavia
ARN Map from

The Menzies lounge is right next to the SAS Lounge, up one floor from the main concourse.

Menzies Business Lounge ARN Elevators

Checking-in with Priority Pass was a breeze, and I noticed that the Menzies Business Lounge is also a part of the Lounge Club network. Opening hours are 5:30am to 7:30pm daily.

The lounge’s design is Scandinavia meets generic American office park, a cultural collision that takes the worst of everything to bring you this rather drab outfit.

Menzies Business Lounge ARN EntranceMenzies Business Lounge ARN Cafeteria

In terms of refreshments, the Menzies lounge has the most basic assortment of snacks possible, with such uninspiring choices as stale bread, generic deli cuts, instant noodles, and a few sadly-sliced vegetables.

Menzies Business Lounge ARN BreadMenzies Business Lounge ARN SnacksMenzies Business Lounge ARN RamenMenzies Business Lounge ARN Cold Food

A soft drink station is available, with both beer … and wine … available on tap. The keg imparts a unique metallic finish to the wine. 😉

Menzies Business Lounge ARN Drinks

And to round-out a thoroughly mediocre lounge, the Menzies Business Lounge offer a meeting room for, well, business of course!

Menzies Business Lounge ARN Meeting

With the pictures out of the way, I crashed in one of the dilapidated armchairs that dot the lounge. I nibbled on some crispy knäckebröd before deciding I’d exhausted the amenities of this establishment. It was time to head home.

Menzies Business Lounge Stockholm – Verdict

I think it’s fair to say that out of all the lounges in Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, the Menzies Business Lounge is by far the worst. It’s certainly not worth going out of your way to visit. In fact, it’s probably worth the 6-minute walk to the F Gates to avoid. That being said, if all you need is a generic beer and a few snacks (we’ve all been there), then this might be just enough. But look elsewhere to be inspired by avant-garde Scandinavian design and more importantly, help yourself to some better food.

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