Yihwan Kim

I’m Yihwan, and I write about travel in the air, on the ground, and with credit cards too.

When I was younger, I spent way too many afternoons playing with a life-like KAL Boeing 747 in the garage. It was life-like because it made sounds and lit up when you rolled the wheels for take-off. When paired with one of those car city carpets every other kid had, it’s easy to see how my imagination ran wild.

Are these still a thing?

I didn’t get to travel much when I was younger, but I do remember gluing my face to the windows of the car whenever we picked up friends and family from our little hometown airport. I’d count the planes, memorize airline names, and wonder where all those lucky people at the curb were flying.

So when it came for me to set-off for college, I knew I wanted to write my own adventure and make it happen with what little I had.

Since then, I’ve hiked ancient trails to Machu Picchu, dined at the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, and played with LEGO (another childhood favorite) in Copenhagen. I’ve Couchsurfed, crashed at road-side bus stops and airport food courts, and lived it up in some of the world’s finest luxury hotels. 

I feel just as home in a meandering alley in Rocinha as I do behind the VIP-ropes at an oddly sinister club in Macau. I thrive on the extremes – and I make sure my travels reflect that.


But I’ve also faced my fair share of travel frustrations. Stuck on a tarmac for hours? Diverted to an airport 100 miles south of your intended destination? Stranded in a new city overnight, with nothing but a Californian pseudo-sweater to weather the -50 degree cold?

I’ve seen it all, and I want to help you make the most of whatever situation you find yourself in next.

For a recent graduate, this might mean the best credit card deals to book your first award ticket. For the more seasoned traveler, I might dive into the more dense terms and conditions documents and explain how you can spend less on travel.

But regardless of who you might be or where you might be going, I’ll share what I know, tell it how I see it, and help you plan your next great adventure.

Yihwan Kim

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