Review: Wingtips Lounge New York JFK

A quick review of the only Priority Pass lounge at JFK’s Terminal 4 – and the only Priority Pass lounge in the entire airport besides the KAL/Air France lounges in Terminal 2.

The Wingtips Lounge is located airside at T4, just past security on the mezzanine floor. Since it’s placed right before the terminal branches off into individual gates, it’s easily accessible if you’re flying on one of many airlines that operate out of Terminal 4. It’s also apparently open 24 hours a day, in case you ever find yourself wandering JFK in the wee hours of the morning.

To get to the lounge, take the stairs to the right immediately after security. You’ll pass a number of hideous oil paintings as well as the Swiss/Star Alliance Lounge before arriving to a modest entrance.

Wingtips JFK Lounge Mezzanine

Wingtips JFK Lounge Entrance

I’ve visited this lounge several times when flying out of T4 in the past, though I usually preferred the Delta SkyClub for being closer to the gates. But since I was flying coach on Virgin Atlantic, the Wingtips lounge was my only option this time around.

I had access through the Priority Pass Select membership that comes with my Citi Prestige card. Unlike the Priority Pass membership that’s included with the American Express Platinum card (which charges $27 per additional guest), membership offered with the Citi Prestige allows free entry for two additional guests as well as the cardholder’s immediate family.

Members of Lounge Club, Diners Club, and Dragon Pass can also access the lounge, as well as passengers flying premium cabins on the following airlines:

Wingtips JFK Lounge Airline Partners

I was initially surprised to see an airline as well-regarded as Singapore Airlines on the list, though I guess it’s because they operate relatively few flights out of New York JFK. It’s also worth noting that Etihad no longer contracts out to this lounge, having opened their own First Class lounge near the A gates. I think this is why this lounge no longer offers hot food and downgraded their liquor selection significantly, but more on that later.

This lounge itself is on the smaller side, and it can get really crowded during peak times. In fact, Priority Pass guests are explicitly warned that they may be denied entrance between 5:00pm to 1:00am if at maximum capacity. In practice, this has never been an issue, and the lounge was nearly empty when I arrived around 4 in the afternoon.

Wingtips JFK Lounge Tarmac View

Wingtips JFK Lounge 2

Wingtips JFK Lounge Seats 1

Wingtips JFK Lounge Eating Area

As you can see, the Wingtips lounge is outfitted with tired, cookie-cutter office park furniture that lines generic lounges in hotels and airports across the country. Wifi is supposedly available, though I had a hard time connecting to the network,

There’re also no showers – a disappointment since that’s the biggest benefit of an airport lounge in my mind. If you’re looking to freshen up on arrival or during a connection, I believe the Delta SkyClub, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, and Etihad Lounge are the only places to take a shower in Terminal 4.

Wingtips JFK Lounge Bathroom

Despite its lackluster facilities, I always thought this lounge was a solid option for offering hot food well before Delta revamped its food offerings.

Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier, the Wingtips lounge has since pulled hot food from the menu, now only offering soup, a salad bar, and an assorted array of sad snacks. As there’s no longer a rotating menu, all food options are available throughout the day.

From cereal, breads, and other breakfast-appropriate pastries:

Wingtips JFK Lounge Cereal Wingtips JFK Lounge Bread

To stale cookies and badly-beaten fruit:

Wingtips JFK Lounge Cookies

Wingtips JFK Lounge Fruit

The one bright spot here is that they’ve kept the salad bar more or less the same. If you’re looking for lighter fare, it’s easy to put together a relatively healthy meal. Just avoid the macaroni salad, which tasted like it was created by mixing one part mayonnaise to eight parts high-fructose corn syrup.

Wingtips JFK Lounge Salad Bar

Wingtips JFK Lounge Salad Bar 2

In terms of drinks, the Wingtips Lounge offers your standard array of soft drinks, juice from concentrate, Douwe Egberts coffee (not for hardcore coffee enthusiasts, I know), and Tazo/Twinings/Bigelow teas.

Wingtips JFK Lounge Coffee

Wingtips JFK Lounge Tea

For those looking for an alcoholic beverage, look elsewhere. Seriously. Along with removing hot food, the Wingtips Lounge now stocks bottom-shelf liquor likely bought during a fire-sale at a nearby bodega.

On the plus side, back when I was a freshman in college I discovered that Smirnoff Vodka is great for getting black scuff marks out of the white rubber lining on sneakers. So I guess in a way, this lounge offers complimentary shoe shine:

Wingtips JFK Lounge Liquor

Spirits & Liquor

Smirnoff Vodka Evan Williams Bourbon Myer’s Rum (Original Dark/Platinum White) Bacardi (White)
Gordon’s Gin Johnnie Walker Red Label Jameson Irish Whisky Mezan Extra Old Rum
Delacour Napolean Brandy Martini Vermouth (Rosso/Extra Dry) Molly’s Irish Cream Angostura Bitters


Glen Ellen Pinot Grigio Tisdale Chardonnay Tisdale Moscato Gazela Rose
Le Petit Champignon (Sparkling Brut) Sycamore Lane Merlot Tisdale Pinot Noir Tisdale Cabernet

For whatever reason, I did find the beer selection to be surprisingly decent in comparison.

Wingtips JFK Lounge Beverage

Wingtips JFK Lounge Beer Selection

Wingtips Lounge JFK – Beer

Tiger Red Stripe Sam Adams Boston Lager Corona Light
Heineken Mermaid Pilsner Tsing Tao Rebel IPA

The way I see it, the only reason to visit this lounge is if you have free access and want to kick back with a few beers or snacks from the salad bar. The lounge does afford expansive views of the tarmac and nearby gates, so it’s not the worst place to kill an hour or so.

Wingtips JFK Lounge View

But if you’re hungry for a real meal – or want something to drink that won’t hit your stomach like paint thinner – Shake Shack and a number of perfectly adequate airport bars are just around the corner.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Wingtips Lounge New York JFK

  1. A little harsh. It’s certainly not a Centurion but I liked it more than many domestic airline lounges. Also of note they do close to priority pass holders at peak times.

    1. Hey Tom – thanks for your comment. Have you visited the lounge since they removed hot food/downgraded their liquor? I agree it was a solid place to spend an hour or so before then, but now I actually think the Delta SkyClub in the same terminal is leagues better. Okay hot-food, and better snacks. And free well liquor that is at least 3 price-points higher.

      The one area where the Wingtips Lounge shines is their bottle beer/salad offerings.

  2. I went up to this lounge recently only to discover that it was temporarily closed on order of the health department.

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