Review: Malmö Aviation + Menzies Business Lounge Gothenburg

With my travels taking me through Gothenburg, I had a chance to visit both Priority Pass lounges at the Gothenburg Landvetter airport: the Menzies Business Lounge and the Malmö Aviation Lounge.

While the Priority Pass website notes that these two lounges are located in the international and domestic terminals, respectively, Gothenburg Landvetter is just one big inter-connected terminal. So you can visit either lounge regardless of where you’re flying.

Menzies Business Lounge

Menzies Business Lounge GOT Entrance

Since I was flying Ryanair from the UK, I visited the Menzies Business Lounge first. In addition to Priority Pass, Lounge Club, and Diner’s Club members, elite passengers flying on SkyTeam or OneWorld airlines also seem to have access. Star Alliance is covered by the SAS Business Lounge, which is right next door.

When I arrived in the late afternoon, the relatively small lounge was packed. It took a while to find an open seat.

Menzies Business Lounge GOT SeatingMenzies Business Lounge GOT Crowded

The design is pretty basic, with generic cloth armchairs providing the bulk of the lounge’s furnishings. But the floor-to-ceiling windows do provide great views of the surrounding tarmac.

Menzies Business Lounge GOT View

Drink options are limited. Besides your standard selection of non-alcoholic sodas, juices, and coffee, you can help yourself to a decent draft of Carlsberg beer – though wine is only available from a box or keg. I also noticed a few bottles of bottom-shelf liquor, which is admittedly a luxury in Sweden given the country’s heavy regulation and taxation of booze.

Menzies Business Lounge GOT DrinksMenzies Business Lounge GOT Beer WineMenzies Business Lounge GOT Beverages Menzies Business Lounge GOT Coffee

In terms of food options, the Menzies Business Lounge offers a modest salad bar and a typical Scandinavian selection of breads. When I visited, they had set out a plate of skagen seafood salad as well as a bowl of mixed greens.

Menzies Business Lounge GOT Cold Options Menzies Business Lounge GOT Salad

Since I wasn’t really in the mood to eat or drink, I just had a quick cup of coffee and was on my way. There wasn’t really much to stay for.

Malmö Aviation Lounge aka the BRA Lounge

Malmo Aviation Lounge GOT Entrance

With only one night in Gothenburg, I found myself back at the city’s small airport the next day. Why bother spending such a short time in Gothenburg? Well, that’s a great question. My original plan was to take the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm, but that plan went out the window when I found a last-minute flight on Norwegian for a third of the price.

So it goes.

Anyways, I had some time to kill at the airport, so I decided to swing by Gothenburg’s other Priority Pass lounge, this time located towards the domestic end of the terminal.

It was a little confusing initially because the Priority Pass website calls this the “Malmö Aviation” lounge when it’s actually named after Sweden’s BRA Airlines. But I figured I was in the right place when I saw the Priority Pass signage at the door.

This lounge is tiny, not much bigger than your average New York City studio. But it was completely empty when I stopped by around noon on a weekday, and I actually found everything quite nice. It was like hanging out in a life-size IKEA showroom at the airport.

Malmo Aviation Lounge GOT DesignMalmo Aviation Lounge GOT SeatingMalmo Aviation Lounge GOT Desk

The Malmö Aviation Lounge doesn’t offer any alcohol, which was fine because I just wanted a coffee and some soda water anyways. They had also put out a generous assortment of snacks and refreshments for such a small lounge.

Malmo Aviation Lounge GOT SnacksMalmo Aviation Lounge GOT FoodMalmo Aviation Lounge GOT Cold Options

While the snack selection was modest, everything tasted fresh and well-prepared. The olives and potato rolls were particularly appetizing.

Although this lounge is probably a fifth of the size of the Menzies Business Lounge, I vastly preferred this one. Cured meats, fresh bread, and a strong cup of espresso in a quiet setting – what more could I possibly ask for?

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport Lounges – Verdict

Of the Priority Pass lounges I visited in Gothenburg, I definitely found the smaller Malmö Aviation Lounge to be the better choice. Unfortunately, the Malmö Aviation lounge has extremely limited hours, only open on weekdays and closed for much of the high summer season. The Malmö Aviation lounge also doesn’t stock any alcohol, though that’s perfectly fine since your options are limited at best at the Menzies Business Lounge. At the end of the day, neither lounge is anything spectacular, but if you have a few minutes for a quick drink or snack, either will meet the bill just fine.

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