The Frequent Traveler University Returns to Washington DC March 7-8

The Frequent Traveler University (FTU) is returning to Washington, DC March 7-8 in teaming up with the Travel & Adventure Show!

Old and New Speakers with tons of experience and knowledge to share

There is a good mix of seasoned speakers from past FTU’s, as well as some new ones. I think that will ensure that there’s something for everyone (as you’ll see a little bit further down in the Agenda). Here are the speakers:

The Topics – Travel & Adventure Show

So, to be clear, there will be a Frequent Traveler University Stage at the Travel & Adventure Show, those topics will be


  • How to Save on a Disney Trip: Visiting a Disney Park is Every Kid’s Dream, But Could Turn Into a Budget Nightmare – Dia Adams
  • Travel the World with 40,000 Miles. Three Competitors, One Challenge: To Take 40,000 Points and $400 and Get as Far Away as Possible – FrequentMiler
  • Upgrade Your Travel Game: The Three Key Concepts for Incredible Miles and Points Travel – Rapid Travel Chai & Tiffany Funk
  • Earn the Most Miles for Your Everyday Spend – Me!


  • From Bookings to Bandwidth, How to Supercharge Your Business Travel – Tess Zhao and Rob Pegoraro
  • How to Travel Anywhere and Everywhere with Points – Stefan Krasowski
  • The Indispensable Primer on Reward Travel – Tiffany Funk

The Topics – FTU Advanced (Sunday 8 March)

  • Awards Worth MS-ing For – Nick Reyes
  • Is United Airlines The Program For You? – Matthew Klint
  • Advanced Manufactured Spend – Mike Graziano
  • Airlines for Aspirational Travel – Tiffany Funk
  • Generate Miles, Points, and Profits by Reselling on Amazon – Me!
  • The World of Disney: Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Navigate the 12 Parks in the Disney Universe – Dia Adams
  • Credit Cards: Plastic is Still Gold – Stefan Krasowski
  • From Bookings to Bandwidth, How to Supercharge Your Business Travel – Tess Zhao and Rob Pegoraro
  • Closing Panel – All of us (moderated by Stefan Krasowski)


Before I even share a link, I want to share with you code:  2020 $10 off till 1/31/2020.

To grab tickets, please use my link to sign up, though note it is an affiliate link. 

Wrapping Up – Frequent Traveler University Returns to Washington, DC

I’m really excited for this FTU. The fact is, FTU’s in general are great opportunities to network, they’re great opportunities to compare notes. But partnering with the Travel & Adventure show, I think gives us even more opportunity. In addition, we have some new speakers, like Dia, Tess, and Rob, so there’s definitely some new ideas for things we’ll be learning about.  I hope you can make it! 

Please let me know if you’ll make it, if we have enough folks, we’ll coordinate a meet-up or find another opportunity to network. 


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