What are the best credit cards for reselling?

Last week, my buddy Oren shared his go to cards for reselling.

To recap, his cards were:

  • Bank of America Travel Rewards
  • Chase Ink
  • Discover
  • Honorable mention: Citi AT&T

My Picks

First off, I will admit, I don’t have a Citi AT&T card, which offers 3x points for online spend. This is a no brainer for folks doing Online Arbitrage, and I plan to get it soon.

  • Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Business: at 1x per dollar spent, this isn’t terribly exciting, but you can get even more value when you transfer to partners like Alaska Air (and I do like my Emirates awards, which are only 100k Alaska Air miles)!
  • Chase Ink Plus: this is a no brainer for office supply stores, with its 5x Ultimate Rewards earning.
  • Alaska Air Business: More Alaska miles? Sure!
  • Discover: only when I use the Discover Deals portal, or when there are great promote like that Apple Pay deal.

For the most part, you’ll notice that I am trying to use Business cards for my reselling business. That’s by design, but not a hard and fast rule. As I continue to grow the business, I’m finding that accounting takes up more of my time, and I’m willing to carve off particular cards for business spend, just to keep things more simple and be able to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of reselling.

What are your go to cards for reselling?

11 thoughts on “What are the best credit cards for reselling?

  1. I use my DiscoverIT card since all cashback will be doubled at my anniversary year. I of course sprinkle in Chase Fredoom and Ink when I can get x5. May need to check out the Citi ATT card. Do you happen to have an affiliate link for the card?

    • @JS – oh yes, the Freedom as well – still working off GCs from Q4! I don’t have an affiliate link, however I think Saverocity.com/creditcards might, and Matt donates all proceeds to charity.

  2. been pondering the AT&T as well. have you seen a sizable list of confirmed retailers it works for? i know some things are excluded (ebay for one,) and it would be good to know what does and doesn’t get the 3x. on the fence but would like to snag it if i can get more info.

    • @Jason, I haven’t seen a list, but I also haven’t looked to hard into it yet. Definitely a case of unnecessary blinders, when it initially came out, I saw AT&T and said to myself it was not relevant because I have Verizon and T-Mobile

  3. I love Fidelity Amex, 2% CB, which is better than most, on top of that, when you pay over the phone with paypal debit card, there’s another 1%.

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