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Miles and Points:

  • Virgin Atlantic has devalued their Delta partnership effective September 1. 
  • The Hyatt Visa Signup bonus will change drastically June 29th. Right now it gives you 2 free nights at any Hyatt Hotel in the world. I used my 2 nights for the Park Hyatt Sydney. Soon it will be a whopping 40,000 Hyatt points, which wouldn’t be sufficient for two nights at the Park Hyatt Sydney. Consider your travel schedule, this may be one to jump on (on the other hand, it might not be).
  • Double dip rewards are always the best. Link your credit card on the Drop App to earn rebates. If you choose to sign up, definitely consider using Chuck’s referral code (author of the link), or consider using mine: xff78. Either way, both you and whoever’s referral code you use will earn 1,000 points, worth $1 in a variety of gift cards.
  • Did you know that Cashback Monitor only updates their portals once per day? Neither did I.

Cashback Monitor

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