Do this now if you have the Chase Fairmont Visa

Last week the Blogosphere was rattled with news that Chase Fairmont Visa holders would have their cards converted to Chase Sapphire Preferred cards in August. For some this may not be so rattling, but, Fairmont, like SPG, attracts a rather dedicated bunch. If you don’t believe me, just check out my review of the Fairmont Southampton, which I did in two posts.

Chase Fairmont Visa

But, there is still something you can do to extract some remaining value from the Chase Fairmont Visa!

Getting the last of the Chase Fairmont Visa Benefits

First of all, the Chase Fairmont Visa is a great card. Its got some great benefits, but, at this point, this post only matters to you if you already have the card. You see, in addition to all of the great sign-up benefits that there were, there’s also a little bit of an Easter Egg in that if you spend $12,000 per year, you get a free night. So far as I am able to figure out, this annual free night is based on your card member anniversary–read: when your annual fee hits–rather than calendar year. Why is this important? Because, if your annual fee is in August or, probably the following 6 months, you might be able to get some reprieve from the $12,000 spend.

What to do?

Update #1: Start considering your spend now. If your annual fee is anytime from August to to the end of the card being offered, The letter says that the required spend drops down to $6,000 for the annual free night benefit.

Update #2: Of course, if your annual fee is in June or July and you aren’t quite at the $12,000, or even $6,000, you may want to call and see if they can move your anniversary date further out, so you can meet the necessary spend for the annual free night. That’s what my father was able to do (see comment below).

Wrapping Up

Its a big shame that Chase and Fairmont are parting ways. We’ve really enjoyed the benefits of the Chase Fairmont Visa, its just that good a card, and Fairmont is that good a hotel chain. But there is still some opportunity to get a bit of value from the Fairmont card, that is, putting some spend on it between now and 15 August when it gets converted to a Chase Sapphire Preferred. Spending $6,000 may either be huge, or not a big deal, depending on how you feel about manufactured spending, but, for some properties, this can be an arbitrage opportunity. I say that, because there is always a cost to spend, but many Fairmonts can be, well, pricey. So, do the math, make the phone call, and please share a comment on your experience.

9 thoughts on “Do this now if you have the Chase Fairmont Visa

  1. This was a click bait thread.

    Chase says in the letter to Fairmont holders they can spend $6,000 for are night good until March 2018, or $12,000 for a free night good until October 2018.

    There’s no other negotiation and dragging your father into this click bait BS is BS.

    Or does the BS not fall far from your family tree?

    • Dear Mr. Mahoney,
      I started this by informing my son of the imminent change in the Fairmont Card. I was so taken aback on the short notice that I stopped reading the letter at the second paragraph, threw it in the shredder and sent Chase a request through their website (please note that I originally thought my offer was to lower the spending threshold to $8,000). The point I was trying to make is that Chase has some latitude in adjusting the anniversary date determining cumulative spending.
      John M.
      My Secure Message sent to Chase Credit Card Services
      Good afternoon!
      I just received notice that the Fairmont Card will be discontinued in August, and that I might have the opportunity to receive a free night with less than the normal $12,000 spend depending upon Anniversary Date .
      1. What is my Anniversary Date for this card?
      2. How much have I spent and paid off since the last Anniversary Date?
      3. Will I be eligible to receive the free night certificate at the lower $8,000 threshold, or will we be held to the $12,000 standard threshold?
      John M
      Chase Credit Card Services’ Response, giving me an additional month to reach spending goal
      Hello John M,

      Thank you for contacting Chase regarding your Fairmont
      Visa Signature® Card account ending in 0527. I will be
      happy to review your inquiry.

      We’ll give you the Complimentary Night certificate if you
      have spent at least $6,000 on your Fairmont card by August
      14, 2017. This will be a one-time courtesy. We will
      deposit the certificate in to your profile on
      within 8 to 10 weeks, but it will only be valid until
      February 28, 2018.

      John, your anniversary date is July 11. To date you have
      $4,124.37 in net purchases for the current account year.
      This may not include pending transactions that have not
      yet posted to the account. By August 14, 2017, you need an
      additional $1,875.63 in net purchases to qualify for the
      Complimentary Night certificate.

      Thank you for being part of the Chase family. If you have
      any additional questions or concerns, you may send us a
      secure message or contact us at the number below.
      Representatives are available to assist anytime.

      Thank you,

      Chase Email Servicing


  2. Perhaps this was an honest error, but there is no need to call, as it is listed in the letter sent to every single cardholder. A correction would seem to be merited, otherwise people are making phone calls for no reason.

    • @Adam – a very reasonable and constructive recommendation. I’ve made the update. Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. If you already spent the $3000 for the 2 free nights (which I am assuming everyone did….the reason to get the card) then you just have to spend an additional $3000 for the free night good till March 2018. Most likely that date wouldn’t work for me. I will miss the Fairmont card. I was able to get it 3 separate times

  4. What would happen if you complete the $6000 in spending by August 15, but your annual fee is charged around Sept 1 and cancel the card to avoid the fee, will the free night still be credited to my account?

    • Steve, I assume the annual fee may either (a) not be charged, (b) be charged on Aug 15, or (c) be charged along normal cycle but charged as Chase Sapphire Preferred vice Fairmont. I suspect that if you hit your spend threshold sooner, you’ll probably still get it, but that’s kind’ve up in the air.

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