Audi is Buying Silvercar

I realize for some of you who follow such things, this is old news. After all, Luke Schneider’s blog post announcing that Audi is buying Silvercar is 2 months old. But as a new Silvercar customer, I found it awfully surprising.

Audi is buying silvercar

Borrowed from Silvercar

Audi’s Buying Silvercar – but no other blogs mentioned this!?!?

Ok, I can’t verify without a doubt that no other blogs mentioned this, but I don’t recall seeing anything even close to a major car company (Audi) buying Silvercar. I won’t hypothosize why this may or may not have been highlighted. The fact is, I see no good reason why it wasn’t highlighted. We in the travel blogosphere highlight so many tangential things, like the Chairman of the Chinese Company that tried to buy Starwood was reportedly detained.

The fact is, there is just too much news fit to print in the travel and miles and points blogosphere. So I will make my attempt to cover this very important development.

A logical move for Audi and Silvercar

While I have yet to rent with Silvercar, I do in fact have a planned rental later today. The part that enticed me to venture afield of National, was the fact that Silvercar only rents Audi A4s. Despite my appreciation for National, they’ve never given me an Audi to drive, nor have I seen such a vehicle in the Executive Aisle. That, I would argue, is the true benefit of Silvercar. Silvercar has a rather simple value proposition: Rent an Audi A4. Who wouldn’t want to rent a nice car?! Instead of a roulette wheel experience of “what car can I find today,” Silvercar guarantees an Audi A4 for every single renter. Its a magnificent business model on its own. Apparently Audi took notice! 

All I can say is: Bravo!

Wrapping Up

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on my experience renting with Silvercar, but at the moment, my biggest thought is the fact that no one talked about the fact that Audi is buying Silvercar! It still amazes me that it wasn’t more covered in the blogosphere. Even more amazing is that no one seemed to mentioned it–at least of those that I have read–despite the amount of truly positive press about Silvercar rentals that I’ve seen. I’m not trying to throw shade on others, this could be the fact that I just didn’t notice things, but the fact that Audi is buying Silvercar seems like a pretty big deal, and well worth mentioning in reviews.

What do you think? Have you rented with Silvercar?

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