Review: Fairmont Southampton – Public Areas

A few weeks ago, my wife and I visited Bermuda, its a short 2 hour flight from the East Coast of the US, and has beautiful beaches, and is generally, a great place to visit. I talked about the place Bermuda has in my life last week. I will cover our trip in 3 parts, and will have a 4th for observations. You can also search #BDALaborDay on Twitter to see some more photos.

  • Part 1: Fairmont Southampton – The public areas
  • Part 2: Fairmont Southampton – The room
  • Part 3: Out and about in Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Part 4: Conclusion and Observations from a quick trip

The Fairmont Southampton (or as I like to call it: The Southampton Princess)

The hotel gets it’s name from it’s location, that is, Southampton Parish, Bermuda. It is set on a gorgeous property, with amazing sight lines, and is walking distance to Gibbs Lighthouse.

View From Hotel Balcony

When I first visited the property with my folks, as a young lad, it was called the Southampton Princess. I won’t go into the history, but if you’re curious, you can read about some of it here.

The property is pretty expansive, including a golf course, two separate areas for pools, a spa, and a number of restaurants. In addition, the Princess has a private beach, and tennis courts to the South, and to the North, has a restaurant, the Waterlot (more on that in a bit), and a ferry that provides Southampton Princess guests a free ride to downtown Hamilton (the main city in Bermuda).

The lobby itself really epitomizes the kind’ve colonial resort experience, at least in my opinion. It makes me think of places like the Raffles Hotel in Singapore or the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok.




Check-in was feast or famine, due to the nature of how most folks get to the Princess from the airport, that is, $15 per person in a shared jitney, so you can imagine that when arriving, a good strategy is to split up one care for the bags, the other check in.



The Jasmine Lounge, as well as Windows, and a pub all accessible from the lobby. The Jasmine Lounge overlooks the main pool, one level below.One floor up is the Spa, which we did not partake of, however, the Spa also has an indoor pool — which is open to all guests after 6:30pm. We particularly enjoyed the indoor pool, with the two hot tubs outside, one with a spectacular view.



The food at the hotel in general was very good. We ate lightly our first full day, order via the a la carte menu at Windows, and the second day we enjoyed the larger buffet.

For dinner, we went down to Waterlot, and had a particularly nice meal, to celebrate my father’s birthday. The service is phenomenal at the Waterlot, and oh by the way, they prepare Bananas Foster table side.

Bannana foster



Alas, we were only there briefly this time, but we are hopeful to return.

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