Reminder use AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 credit!

With the American Express Business Platinum becoming more expensive and offering less value, it is imperative to get the greatest value. To that point, don’t forget to use your AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 Credit! Here are a few ways you can get greater value, or at least stack some of the benefit.

Leverage Shopping Portals!

The first thing I recommend whenever anyone asks me how they can earn more points, is to use shopping portals! This case is no different. Unfortunately Dell isn’t terribly rewarding for shopping portals, but you could get 4% Top Cashback (my affiliate link, if you don’t already have an account), you could also go for 2x British Airways Avios, which are always super useful. 

AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 credit

Dell on 7-7-2020

Of course, looking at the best rate, you can see that Dell has had better cashback offers over the past 15 months, as high as 20% – ironically, it was Top Cashback, and it was last around Black Friday. 

AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 credit

Dell Cashback tracking over the last 15 months.

So now you’re at least starting with 2x Avios all the way up to potentially 20% cashback!

Split Payment on if you have multiple AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 credits

So there’s a few different ways you can play the actual AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 credit. You could buy something to resell, you could buy something for yourself. You could buy something for someone else (at cost). But, in all of these ways there’s one super convenient option, if you have multiple AMEX Business Platinum cards. 

First, select your chosen product:

Then go through the checkout process, and enter the first credit card:

Once you enter your first credit card, you can then add another payment and you get the option of how much you want to apply to payment type:

Using this tactic, you can split payments across up to 3 different cards. It may not get you a free computer, but it should be able to get you a free monitor, printer, and many other accessories, probably some tablets too!

Wrapping Up – Use your AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 credit!

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas to stack offers, and the maximize your Dell $100 credit if you have multiple cards. Dell is one of the few online stores that I’ve encountered the ability to split payment. Its a shame its only 3 different forms of payment, but, still, 3 is $300 worth of AMEX Business Platinum Dell $100 credits!

What will you buy with your $100 Dell credit? 

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