Melbourne, Alitalia, End of Punitive Loyalty Era?

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  • Another excellent installment from J. M. Hoffman that just leaves me yearning to return to Australia. Impressive how well he characterizes Melbourne (which is by far, my favorite big city outside of the US).
  • How to book LATAM (that’s the combined airline of Chile’s LAN and Brazil’s TAM for those keeping track at home) Awards with Alaska Airlines Miles.
  • Alitalia, an airline that has had its ups and downs over the past few decades, may be entering the final months of its existence. Employee owned may not have been in its moniker, however, the employees may be the ones to have put the final nails in the coffin, in voting down a deal that an 8% paycut, some amount of jobs cut, but the opportunity to refinance debt. I’m not sure this is the end of Alitalia, but, I’m awfully curious how they’ll get out of this one!

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