What is the Worlds Best Business Class?


ing a post yesterday evening, something struck me. Lucky made the assertion that Qatar Airways’ Business Class was already the worlds best business class. This even before you factor in their new Qsuites. It occurred to me that I’ve been flying a bunch of business class lately, and Qatar wasn’t the top of the list for me.

Qatar Airways Business Class

While I haven’t flown on Qatar’s new A350, or A380, I have flown a bunch on their 777-300ERs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Qatar Airways, after all, they really do treat their business class passengers well. Just look at the amenities:

best business class, qatar

It is also one of the few business class products that include a mattress pad:

Qatar Bed

While I don’t have photos of it, I have flown the 787 with the new B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seat. Its a great seat. The In Flight Entertainment (IFE) is also very good.

And the ground service isn’t bad, with pretty nice lounges. 

But, I’m still not convinced that Qatar’s the best business class.

Cathay Pacific Business Class

I’ve flown Cathay Pacific in business class on both the 777-300ER longhaul and regional business on the A330. 

Cathay Pacific’s food is wonderful, the IFE is above average — in fact, its how I keep up with Game of Thrones. 

I also enjoy the lounges, including The Wing in Hong Kong; although in all fairness, my experiences with Cathay Pacific has primarily been the First Class lounges (which I gain entry via my Executive Platinum status). You can’t beat a champagne lounge after all!

The Best Business Class – EVA Air

While it wasn’t the Hello Kitty airplane, I flew EVA Air from Houston to Taipei, a 14+ hour flight. Onboard the experience was phenomenal. 

The Seat is great; its nearly as good as the Cathay Pacific Seat.

Weekend in Taipei

Eva Air 777-300ER Business Class Seat.

There is of course the pajamas, First Class caliber champagne and Rimowa Amenity Kit:

The service was spectacular. The flight attendants were responsive with a touche of proactiveness, though not overbearing as some can be. I was impressed that when I requested my steak after I had a snooze, there was no problem, and the steak was still nicely prepared.

Eva Air 77W 777-300ER

The bedding by the way is nice. The duvet was one of the best I’ve had in the air.

EVA Air 777-300ER, 77W

The IFE was more than sufficient for multiple 14 hour flights, and the headphones were great.

Overall, I think EVA Air is truly the best business class.

Who do you think has the Best Business Class?

9 thoughts on “What is the Worlds Best Business Class?

  1. You think CX’s J food is wonderful? Yikes. Their F is good, but both of us thought J wasn’t great and we’ve taken maybe 6 J regional flights. Maybe their long haul J food is much better?

    • @El Ingeniero – To be fair, I was going from personal experience and I haven’t flown the staggered JAL J seats, but they do look quite nice!

  2. Mixed opinion on Qatar J. Recent flight PHL-DOH was perfect in every way. Return not so much – one of the bathrooms had a “do not enter” red sign on the door. The other bathrooms got so dirty that I asked them to clean one so I could change (I do love the pj’s though). The floor was soaked. They allowed an economy passenger (a nanny for a passenger in J) to sit on the floor in the aisle. I had to climb over her to get between my seat and the bathroom. I couldn’t cut the meat that came with the eggs for breakfast. Not so impressed.

    I’ll take CX J.

  3. DId not like CX J at all. Thought the seat was terribly uncomfortable and the food was meh. Hated the staggered seats in J on JAL, especially in the mini cabin. Awful for the “middle” person to get out and very claustrophobic.

    Actually the best Business Class in the air is BA F 😉

    • @Gilly – I’m sorry you feel that way about the seat on CX J – I assume this is the reverse herringbone seat on the A330, 77W and A350. I’m a big fan of the seat. I haven’t flown the JAL J seat… But, I have a hard time believing that BA F is the best Business Class… Have you tried Swiss on the A330? I mean, even that has got to be better than BA, other than the amenity kit and PJ’s. If the latter 2 things matter to you, then I’d ask – have you flown EVA Air?

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