Is @FakeUnitedJeff banned forever?

I think we’ve all enjoyed the purely parody account of @FakeUnitedJeff … Yes, he’s the parody of the “has been” United CEO, who was unceremoniously outed after a rather awkward outing of the Chairman of the Port Authority of NY-NJ’s flight to Columbia, South Carolina

It was an unfortunate event for Jeff Smisek, but 20 April 2017 marks the day that Twitter suspended the parody account of @FakeUnitedJeff. The writer behind @FakeUnitedJeff even wrote a medium post, entitled: Once upon a Parody, to outline his case to Twitter.

As of this writing, Twitter has not been responsive. Candidly, Twitter needs to be responsive. Perhaps you can help. I dare say, we should start a movement. We should start a movement, #SaveFakeUnitedJeff — because, clearly we can’t save the real United Jeff Smisek. After #BumpGate, I’m not even sure we can save the real or fake Oscar Munoz! Even when competing airlines made their digs at United, rather than supporting a comrade in need. 

In truth, I fully expected Fake Oscar Munoz to be the one to be removed. He supremely capitalized on #BumpGate, in magnificent fashion. But alas, he’s survived, and the former @FakeUnitedJeff is the one to take the heat. Was this related to #BumpGate? I just don’t know. In fact, I don’t really care. Rather, I focus on the humor and entertainment that the man–or woman–behind Fake United Jeff offered. So many times @FakeUnitedJeff stepped in to offer a humorous comment, or made light of an awkward situation.

Now, when we look for that silver lining, we will unfortunately be faced with this:


So I share with you my friends. This is a travesty. This is a pain that will no doubt be bourne by so many of the frequent traveler community. 

I finish with this:

Twitter – Please, give the parody account @FakeUnitedJeff life again. It only hurts to continue without his lighthearted nature, and unrelenting zeal for increasing profit, while cutting back on passenger comfort. Besides, maybe he’ll bring back the Tulip!

Twitter, Please.

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