Enhanced cashback via Ebates mobile app

Shopping Portals are a big difference maker in reselling, earning more miles, or getting cashback for purchases you were going to make anyway. I wrote a few months ago, that Ebates was offering temporary increased cashback when making purchases through the mobile app, and before that, enhanced cashback on American Express gift cards when bought through the Ebates mobile app.

I said in September, that I thought Ebates was leading the pack. The fact is, that mobile devices are becoming a bigger and bigger part of mobile commerce, in fact, there are articles from August, 2014, that stated that Mobile accounted for more thanĀ half of eCommerce.

So, it should be no surprise that, as we start getting into the holiday shopping season, Ebates is running a 7 day special, of enhanced cashback when making purchases via the Ebates Mobile App.

ebates app 7 day promo

Of course looking at what Ebates considered as “enhanced” cashback, really doesn’t strike me as really noteworthy. Do note that Ebates says there are a 100 stores of enhanced cashback, the above graphic is just a selection of them.

What is noteworthy, is the increased use of the mobile app. It means we can’t simply go to places like Cashback Monitor. In all fairness, even without considering mobile apps, we found Cashback Monitor isn’t covering everything, like Aeroplan.

Wrapping Up

This holiday season, as you’re choosing the best cashback options, you’ll want to remember to consider the Ebates mobile app. I’m not saying that its actually useful — in fact, I’ve yet to see anything truly worthwhile, but, the fact remains, it could happen.

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